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Gradient challenges the hand tufted process and is a revolutionary because it works directly on the surface of the rug which is uniformly tufted with the same color, allowing thus to be more efficient. In the final stage of the process, the rug is directly sprayed: It does not change the fiber quality; In other words, it consists in painting the rug, in order to give smooth color gradient which would be impossible to get only with a tufted process.

Designer: Luís Nascimento (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Desistart Group (Portugal)

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Dear o' Deer


Dear O’ Deer
An indoor or outdoor planter that works on the juxtaposition of the dead and the living. The plant grows outwards from a ceramic deer skull to resemble the antlers of the deer. It can be hung on the wall or used flat on the surface. The user can intervene the dynamic growth process and plays an important role in deciding the aesthetics of this object. Dear O' Deer is available in 3 finishes: glazed matte white stoneware, fired terracotta and matte gold.

Designer: re-culture (India)
Manufacturer: re-culture (India)
Inspired By: antler trophy, life and death
Material: ceramic
Colours: Matt white, Terracotta, gold
Dimension: 14 x 6 x 7.5 inches
Price: price on request

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Mosaic is a clever candleholder that offers endless combining possibilities to create beautiful and colourful candlelight arrangements for the home. The design of Mosaic also makes placing a new candle easy, providing just enough extra space for fingers in the glass to gently place the candle.

Designer: Studio Bas van der Veer (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Pols Potten (Netherlands)
Material: 100% glass

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Gobi was designed to remind you of your childhood, bringing the soul of that time period to furniture. From a blank slate, the Gobi is built into a new companion for your home where you can store your favorite items and products. It's lightweight and sturdy thanks to the curved beechwood and it is also manufactured in Europe. Each object is hand-finished meaning each Gobi is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Designer: Juan Tobares (Spain)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Inspired By: Robots, toys
Material: Beech
Colours: Natural Wood
Dimension: L30.5 W45 H48 cm
Price: 395

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ROOT_mono pendant lamp


ROOT_mono pendant, is a handmade lamp socket made of 100% natural wood.

Manufactured in a low volume production, from sustainable log raw.
Built a unique product, simply by selecting the body length, the wood
color finishes, the color of the fabric cable, and finally the type of the base lamp, E27 or GU10.


Designer: george avgerinakis (Greece)
Manufacturer: george avgerinakis (Greece)
Inspired By: Domestic Hellenic Ancient Olive trees.
Material: Natural beech wood
Colours: Natural / Walnut / Oak / Colors
Dimension: 140x60mm
Price: 75,00

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An organically shaped ceiling light

Designer: Jenny Walsh (Ireland)
Manufacturer: Jenny Walsh (Ireland)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: Cardboard
Colours: Brown
Dimension: 250mm x 250mm x 220mm

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Overview - connected high street


The ‘Overview’ provides shoppers with an innovative, highly visual, feedback experience capable of offering audio reviews from the local hightstreet or shopping centre.
By deploying these new devices in the retail environment, shoppers will be able to see the popularity of products reflected through the Overviews lighting charcteristics.

Designer: Masters of Product Design Dundee (United Kingdom)

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Huldigung / Tribute


The objects consists of five different, large-volume single body on the basis of a truncated cone, standing on the floor.

The completely vertically-symmetrical shapes allow technical associations and integrate the other hand, references between profane and sublime design reminiscent of sacred forms.

The five-piece group of sculptures is made of model making material and have a height of 70 -74 cm, a diameter of about 35 top and bottom of about 75-77 cm

Designer: Eberhard Bosslet (Germany)
Dimension: h=70-74cm, d= 35/75 cm

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Heron T


Due to the radical reduction of form and material the lamp body and foot of conventional lights are combined to the resulting form. This lightness also does not need a switch in the traditional sense. Just touch the lamp body at any point to switch on and off or to dim.
About 100 small LEDs result in a band of light (10W, 800l) with a pleasant and uniform light.Therefore Heron T is suitable as a light in the office, as a reading light for living rooms and as well as in the hotel sector.

Designer: Michael Stützel (Germany)
Manufacturer: IGGOO (Germany)
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Aluminium satined, RAL colors
Dimension: 450x450x195mm
Price: 499

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event|added Aug 13, 2014

spogagafa - The garden trade fair 2014


New inspirations and fresh impulses will be in the (garden) air again this late summer. From 31.08 to 02.9.2014, Cologne will once again be the meeting place for the garden industry @ spogagafa. Be there, when around 40,000 trade visitors discover trends, collect ideas and establish contacts at the world's leading trade fair.

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