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Pipo stool


Pipo refers to the traditional wood barrel used for the transport andstorage of wine. The mobility of the product is associated to the commercial expansion of the wine and it is as if each person carried this cultural history when carrying Pipo. This piece was produced in agglomerated black cork cluster, referring to the tone of aged casks. This material also makes it lightweight and slip resistant. The rope emphasizes the old look, making it most fun and adaptable to the environments.

Designer: Hugo Silva and Joana Santos (Portugal)
Manufacturer: DAM (Portugal)
Inspired By: The inspiration was the Douro Valley, the most incredible place recognized by the Porto wine.
Material: Agglomerated black cork and rope.
Colours: Avid yellow, Fond orange, Scared blue, Sleepy green
Dimension: W40 x D40 x H45 cm
Price: 280 €

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product|added Aug 28, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  2352 votes

Dora & Dina chair


Dora and Dina honor the hard work of those who have tamed the land of the oldest wine region in the world - the Douro Valley. The structure of the chairs is inspired by the delicate outlines of the slopes and the seat refers to wine and grapes that generate the renowned Porto Wine. Dora & Dina are elegant and plain chairs, where you can have moments of sharing, tasting and contemplation, adapting themselves to formal and exquisite surroundings, as well to informal and recreative environments.

Designer: Hugo Silva and Joana Santos (Portugal)
Manufacturer: DAM (Portugal)
Inspired By: he inspiration was the Douro Valley, the most incredible place recognized by the Porto wine.
Material: ash wood (structure) and agglomerated black cork (seat).
Colours: White, Green, Black, Orange, Grey, Yellow, Blue.
Dimension: W60 x D52 x H77 cm (Dora) and W65 x D58 x H77 cm (Dina)
Price: 280 €

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event|added Aug 28, 2015

garden unique @ trade fair spoga+gafa


Welcome to garden unique – enjoy the premium area of the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa. Expect highclass trends, inspiring dialogues and new ideas for your business. spoga+gafa at twitter

Come to Cologne and experience firsthand how to shape a piece of the garden’s future. The exclusive, high-quality and design-orientated concept has been developed in cooperation with the market leaders. The aim was to present a completely new environment that meets the requirements of the high-quality and luxury segment in the outdoor sector. spoga+gafa at facebook


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Aprilli Coral Vase


CORAL is a modern style flower vase which consists of 8 individual stems interconnecting with each other in an organic form. The shape of the vase mimics biological coral forms having one main spine and eight tentacles which add structural hierarchy and overall integrity to the vase. Each stem contains a 25mm x 150mm test tube which can be easily removed from the vase for water refill.

Designer: Steve Lee (United States)
Material: PLA Thermoplastic shell with plaster infill, polyurethane paint finish.
Colours: Glossy White
Dimension: 358.9mm (w) x 183.8mm (d) x 458.2mm (h)

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product|added Aug 25, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  7690 votes

The 3-D Terrain Rug


The Terrain Rug, made of 100% hand-dyed New Zealand wool, was a bespoke project undertaken when a client challenged Christopher Fareed Design Studios to create a rug that emulated the appearance of a mountain range.

Designer: Christopher Fareed (United States)
Manufacturer: Christopher Fareed Design Studios
Inspired By: A mountain range.

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product|added Aug 20, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  11716 votes

DIY Cardboard Stool


Spiral Stool is a cardboard folded structure, which requires no glue or hardware for its assembly. The Rotated squares on top and bottom create unique fractal elevation, reflects lights in different angles. Spiral Stool can also use as modular units to configure as a low table.

Designer: Spiral Stool (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: Le Z studio (Taiwan)
Inspired By: Geometrical Shapes
Material: 3 mm cardboard
Colours: Paper brown
Dimension: 38 cm (W), 38 cm (D), 45 cm (H)
Price: USD 30

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product|added Aug 18, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  13378 votes

Wooden F1 Race Track


The wooden race track allows kids to lay out their own racetrack and to race eachother. The tracks can be combined with wooden railway tracks of other brands. Made out of FSC certified wood.

Designer: Maurice Doorduyn (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Material: Beechwood
Price: € 55,50

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product|added Aug 13, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  20357 votes

KEEP Cane Pendant Lights



Our approach in making the KEEP Cane Pendant Light series is like that of the old master glassmakers, with exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and eye for proportion.

We’re bringing back the use of glass cane to create striped patterning, a technique developed in 16th century Italy and used by mid-century designers. Using these traditional techniques passed down for centuries, we’ve created objects that don’t look like grandma’s lamps.

Designer: Susan Spiranovich + Adam Holtzinger (United States)
Manufacturer: KEEP (United States)
Inspired By: Traditional glassmaking techniques + Mid-Century modern design
Material: Glass
Colours: Charcoal + Pearl
Dimension: 12
Price: $2250

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product|added Aug 13, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  20862 votes

Portable Research Lab


Baines&Fricker were recently commissioned by consultancy firm Fieldwork to design and produce a portable research lab. Made from plywood, the portable research lab is lightweight and comes in a custom-built flight case with rollers on one side for easy transportation. The innovative design features many creative, space-saving ideas. The flight case doubles as a base for the lab when stood on one side and the lab's front panel can be pulled forward to create a desk.

Designer: Baines&Fricker (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Baines&Fricker (United Kingdom)

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product|added Aug 12, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  23016 votes

Chesterfield Skateboard


The Chesterfield Skateboard is made for the kid in all of us, with classic lines and an homage to simpler days spent coasting from one beach to the next. The aged leather nose guard ads character while protecting your board from small dings and scratches.

Designer: ByAndrewCoslow (United States)
Manufacturer: ByAndrewCoslow (United States)
Inspired By: Chic take on a modern classic
Material: Walnut and Ash wood with leather detail.
Colours: Walnut or Ash. Contact for wheel color of your choice
Dimension: 33x9x3.75 with 149mm trucks.
Price: Starting at $275

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