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product|added Oct 20, 2016 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  1615 votes

UN Divided Furniture System


Design studio StokkeAustad and Norwegian brand Elementa have developed a new system to easily set up, expand and move workspaces. The central idea of the UN Divided system is a simple trestle made in tubular steel. With one module it is possible to support almost any type of table top size and shape. You can also build shelving, simple storage - and produce complete office landscapes.

UN Divided trestles will be available both individually and as complete desks, meeting tables and shelves.

Designer: StokkeAustad (Norway)
Manufacturer: Elementa (Norway)
Material: Steel and MDF

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product|added Oct 14, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  6801 votes

Archipelago Cabin


On a tiny island in the Åbo archipelago, Finland, a five person family let Lumberloon design and manufacture this microcabin instead of putting up a tent every year. The cabin is easy to put up and down because of the innovative aluminum/gluebeam/polycarbonate construction.
The cabin is 12m² with two 4m² sleeping lofts that easily gives room for two adults and three children.

Designer: Ben Fredriksson (Finland)
Manufacturer: Lumberloon Ab (Finland)
Material: Plywood, aluminum, polycarbonate and gluebeam
Dimension: 6x2 meters

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event|added Oct 13, 2016

THE ARTS+ the business of creativity


It combines a trade-show, conference ( get your ticket here ) and network hub. It will launch at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair 19-23 October.We are proud of it. It is called: THE ARTS+  Here at Twitter. Here at Facebook.

THE ARTS+ fair, spanning over 2.000 sqm, is hosted in a specially designed and curated area within the Frankfurt Book Fair, which annually attracts 270.000 visitors, 10.000 journalists, 10.000 right dealers (publishing, film, games, online) and 200+ political and administrative officials from over 110 countries. THE ARTS+ area has exhibition space for creative clusters, museums, agencies, service providers, online platforms, enterprises and brands. A laboratoryserves as an interactive, interdisciplinary and open format while salons will be home to exclusive talks, matchmaking and presentations. A catwalk stage for pitching sessions, performances and creative presentations with a curated program but also open sessions and the stylish Arts+ Café will make THE ARTS+ an unique experience. And the key event for those who seek new partnerships, manufacturers and service providers for their cultural and creative businesses.

THE ARTS+ conference is the content-rich, dazzling kick-off event on Oct. 19th. Thought leaders, top level industry experts, celebrated artists, aspiring entrepreneurs and renowned influencers for key-notes, presentations, conversations and panels come together on stage and discuss content as the new currency in cultural and creative businesses. Besides best-practice cases from the performing arts, architecture and design, museums as well as virtual reality, AI and 3D printing, the main focus will be on fueling the discussion around marketplaces for creative rights and intellectual property in culture and creativity. Thus a growth in business through the scaling of content by remixing, refining and adding, but also the question of monetization and public sharing, resulting in the creation of new values and businesses around creativity and culture. The conference’s focus lies on the consequences of culture being disrupted by the 4th Industrial Revolution and addresses the possible need for a new cultural currency in a digital world.


product|added Oct 11, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  9825 votes

Spekta by David Fox


Designed by renowned designer David Fox, Spekta is the latest newcomer to Knightsbridge’s expanding workplace furniture portfolio.
The collection, formally known as Jentle, crafted in solid oak wood is available in as a 4 leg version or a swivel base. Its panelled back offers comfort and ergonomic support promoting workplace wellbeing.
This beautifully styled range enhances a variety of workplace and corporate environments including boardrooms, breakout spaces, social rooms and meeting rooms.

Designer: David Fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Furniture (United Kingdom)

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event|added Oct 11, 2016

ORGATEC 2016 - New visions of work #orgatec


How do we live and work today? What will our working environment look like in the future? What kind of environment do we need to fully unleash our creativity and tap our potential?

As the industry’s leading international trade fair for modern working environments, ORGATEC presents the whole world of work. And that means it encompasses everything which contributes to the perfect interplay between work environment, work processes and working culture and actually makes creative ideas for the future possible. ( GET YOUR TICKET HERE AND SAVE UP TO 45% ) You can look forward to new perspectives, inspiring concepts and market-leading solutions relating to all aspects of work.


product|added Oct 07, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  15529 votes

Tomar Chair from the Age of Iron Collection


The Tomar Chair (1/1) is inspired by the Celts, who are attibuted with the introduction of metallurgics to Europe. The chair is made of Blacken wrought iron and brass insets on the inside.

Designer: Baltasar Portillo (El Salvador)
Manufacturer: Baltasar Portillo (Portugal)
Inspired By: Medieval Era
Material: wrought Iron Brass insets
Colours: blacken metal, gold
Dimension: 58 x 75 x 52 centimeters

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product|added Oct 06, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  16231 votes



The Cabinet Chaos reinvents the concept of "door" with a series of geometric lines in an elastic material made for the occasion. A stylized model that intrigues and invites interact with and to live a new experience.
Its permeable and elastic skin, can store books, computers and all kinds of objects. In addition, it generates a facade that allows you to view objects stored in a fragmented way. Video

Designer: Alessandro Criscito (Chile)
Material: MDF Laminate, elastic tape, metal.
Dimension: 181 cm wide, 62 cm high and 44 cm deep.

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product|added Oct 03, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  21443 votes

balcony bird feeder


The 'birdball' is simply hooked on your balcony railing. The 'ballcony' collection is a family of ball shaped railing accessories for urban balconies.
Das Futterhaus 'birdball' aus der 'ballcony' Kollektion des Berliner Labels rephorm wird einfach an's Balkongeländer gehängt.

Designed in Berlin, Made in Brandenburg

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: rephorm (Germany)
Inspired By: urban nature
Material: recyclable PET
Dimension: 30cm diameter

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product|added Oct 01, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  21103 votes

Erzetich Headphone Amplifiers


Three of Erzetich’s headphone amplifiers (Bacillus, Bacillus Tilia and Perfidus) have gone under the knife. While their entrails are mostly untouched, the most obvious difference is now their appearance. Acrylic front panels have been replaced by 7 mm thick aluminum that demanded a different graphic approach along with some other tweaks and upgrades on their exterior.

Designer: Blaz Erzetic (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Erzetich (Slovenia)
Material: aluminum, wood, electronics
Price: 499-999 EUR

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product|added Sep 29, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  26785 votes



The Bibliochaise, which contains five linear metres of books, is mounted on wheels and is manufactured in 3 different finishes, in any colour one wishes it;
also for the leather cushions there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

Designer: .nobody&co. (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)

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