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product|added Mar 19, 2018 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  5405 votes

FREE LOVE bedding


free Love is a new HOP Design project, which is known for the production of high-quality bedding in toned colors. This time designers focused on bedding with an original pattern.

The pattern shows a subtle reference to physical love, which is beautiful and has many faces. Thanks to this, we can see how personal the sphere of every human being is. The project is directed to modern, tolerant and conscious people.

Designer: Magda Pawlas, Dominika Wysoglad (Poland)
Manufacturer: HOP DESIGN (Poland)
Material: 100% cotton
Colours: white, pale pink, cobalt
Price: 89 EURO

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event|added Mar 19, 2018

Light + Building 2018 #lb18

Digital future meets design hotspot: Light + Building addresses the themes of tomorrow. From 18 to 23 March more than 2,600 exhibitors will be presenting their innovative products in the fields of lighting, electrical engineering as well as home and building automation in Frankfurt am Main.


product|added Mar 16, 2018 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  10690 votes

Entrée tableware collection by Atelier Macramè


is turned into charming mini-worlds. Entrée, the collection of tableware accessories from Laura Calligari, founder of the Italian design studio Atelier Macramè, become unexpected architectures inhabited by miniature men and women who carry out actions of daily life. In this photo project by Allegra Fregosi Coen Gialli, Entrée elements are turned into futuristic architectures, skating rings, or little city markets. Made of turned wood and ceramic, Entrée is available in white and yellow colour options with golden enamel trim.

Designer: Laura Calligari (Italy)
Manufacturer: Laura Calligari (Italy)
Inspired By: French
Material: ceramics and wood
Colours: white, yellow and turquoise

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product|added Mar 16, 2018 0 rating 3 / 5  |  10877 votes

Foscarini's gorgeous displays at Armory Show 2018


For this year's edition of the Armory Show, Foscarini collaborated with Hotel Americano to furnish three pop-up lounges at the Armory Show. Inspired by Enrique Norten’s Hotel Amerciano in nearby Chelsea, the VIP lounges featured some of Foscarini’s most iconic and artistic lamps over vibrant blue and yellow backdrops, as oppose to white walls commonly seen in galleries. As the lines blur between art and design, Foscarini’s sponsorship found a synergy with the show’s scope and audience.

Designer: Foscarini (Italy)

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product|added Mar 15, 2018 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  11339 votes

Shiba Reception Desk by Nüvist


The work focuses on using minimal lines and forms to design very simple product. So we decided to use only lines to create a non solid form. Motion of curvy sketch lines transform into dynamic simple geometry of a fluid form. Soft curve lines balance together to explore the relationship between ergonomic usage and aesthetic design.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 255x125x125 cm

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event|added Mar 13, 2018

13th see Conference


The see-Conference is entering the thirteenth round. Creatives from across the world will talk on the stage of Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Wiesbaden e.V. and will provoke with fresh perspectives and sustainable visions thoughts, irritations and inspiration. more at twitterfacebook


product|added Mar 07, 2018 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  24239 votes



The approach into the design for this object was primarily driven by the motivation to develop a formal vocabulary, that would prompt a user to engage with the history of an old chair and embrace its original forms and functions that had been translated into an entirely new type of furniture - a lamp, named SPIDER. [...]

Designer: Anja Sopic (Germany)
Material: metal, wood, chrome, fabric
Colours: white, black, blue
Dimension: 73x42x42cm

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product|added Mar 06, 2018 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  26314 votes

Panel Light


Panel light is one of the results of our experimentations in optimising 3D printing. These parts were designed with different structures and geometries to add properties like stiffness, flexibility, deformability or an interesting aesthetical quality to the parts. In search of a possible and a suitable application, for us being product designers, the subject lighting fixtures emerged. Panel light is on display at the MCBW in Munich as part of the VICIS exhibition (March 3rd-11th).

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Material: Japanese Silk Paper, PLA, 3D Printing

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event|added Mar 05, 2018

3D Pioneers Challenge 2018


The unique 3D Pioneers Challenge covers a range of verticals and is aimed at designers who are breaking new ground in the field of 3D printing, taking into account the complete value-added system of additive technologies and who understand the key trends in the industry.

International, top-class, interbranch Jury
First-class partners

Verticals: Design, Digital, Architecture, Material, FashionTech, MedTech, Mobility

Die challenge adresses already for the third time specialists that are thinking outside the box - pushing boundaries!

The Challenge seeks to uncover specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box and - pushing boundaries.

3D Printing supports a range of new technologies and visions. Combining several different manufacturing methods creates innovation. We are standing at the edge of a new digital era of speed, fusion of human and environment, Industrial Internet Consortium and smart factories up to artificial intelligence. The opportunities seem to be unlimited – already today in our everyday life robotic is as imaginable as fashion that reacts towards its environment.
Additive manufacturing technologies give the chance to go forward future and help visions to take shape.


Prize money 15.000 Euro
Exhibition at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in Erfurt (5.–7. June 2018)
Award ceremony at gala evening in Erfurt
Roadshow at international faire and events

Further prizes will be awarded by our partners: MakerBotEMEA hands for the best student project the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ and designreport offeres online-subscriptions (Englisch or German) for the lucky winners!

Dates 3DPC 2018

October 2017
Start of 3DPC 2018

15th March 2018
Submission deadline

5th-7th June 2018
Exhibition of the finalists at the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D, Messe Erfurt

6th June 2018
Galaevening and award ceremony in Erfurt
After that international roadshow stops

Here you may download the detailed 3DPC Formalities 2018.

Learn more about the challenge here at facebook


product|added Feb 27, 2018 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  35170 votes

Tulip by Pierre Cabrera


Like a graceful and timeless flower of light, this tulip-shaped lamp enhances emotion, technology and high-end materials. For Pierre Cabrera, HI-MACS® proved to be the ideal material to create "Tulip". The flower inspired the designer to create a warm and intimate atmosphere through soft and indirect lighting. The ellipsoidal HI-MACS® thermoformed ribbon intertwines to produce smooth, flowing and sensual shapes.

Designer: Pierre Cabrera (France)
Material: HI-MACS®
Colours: Alpine White

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