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The decorative pigeon is a metaphor of the carrier pigeon and a caring message from DAM - always happy to welcome you. Its name - Colombo - is inspired by the etymology of pigeon (“columbus”) and also in the navigator and explorer Cristóvão Colombo. The Colombo pigeon flies by day and by night, expressing the desire to explore and be inspired beyond borders. The desire to never stop flying through the world but always valuing its roots.

Designer: Joana Santos e Hugo Silva (Portugal)
Material: Composite dark cork, composite light cork and metal.
Colours: Natural and clean copper
Dimension: W: 7.80 cm x D: 9.50 cm x H: 15 cm

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product|added May 08, 2018 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  21858 votes

Mr Silva


Mr Silva is a householder with a friendly appearance. This wall clock is suspended by a straw strap hung from a fixed wall peg. The character’s moustache corresponds to the hour indicators, bestowing a decorative and narrative personality onto an object which is usually merely functional. Silva is destined for indoors.

Designer: Joana Santos e Hugo Silva (Portugal)
Material: Made with solid ash or solid walnut and hand-sewn straw braid (strap).
Colours: Coloured matt varnish avid yellow', fond orange, scared blue.
Dimension: W: 20 cm x D: 5 cm x H: 43 cm

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product|added May 07, 2018 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  21405 votes




Designer: ALPHA RKD + LOVA (Germany)
Manufacturer: Julia Ackermann + Mery Reif (Germany)
Inspired By: WARM DAYS
Colours: copper, cognac colored leather, dark green tiles, copper wallpaper
Dimension: 82qm

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Geobench is not just a bench, it is bright and notable reference point and popular place of meeting. It could be equipped with wi-fi, phone charger or solar panel as an option. It also has a big room for ads. Another important issue is the Geobench can form the network of benches to mark the real places and can help to create different guide sceneries. It can help building interactive relationship, boost interest to the place and your business.

Designer: Igor Solovyov and Dzianis Trapashka (Belarus)
Manufacturer: New Level, NeoWood (Belarus)
Inspired By: offline life
Material: metal, wood
Dimension: 490x315

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event|added May 05, 2018

Fifteen Seconds Europe 2018


The future belongs to the curious ones. Join visionaries at Europe’s leading interdisciplinary business festival.

Fifteen Seconds is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary business festival and gathers a global community of 5000 visionaries from the fields of marketing, advertising, media, technology, digital, HR, and leadership to network, learn and get inspired. It takes place on June 7-8, 2018 in Graz, Austria.

Designed to drive you forward. What started 2014 as a contemporary marketing conference has since then grown into an interdisciplinary business festival gathering thinkers, makers, and leaders from all around the world. In 2017, curious minds decided to join Fifteen Seconds and come to Graz. What they all have in common? The will to shape the future.


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Beat collection


With the new Beat collection dreizehngrad aims to meld minimalism with heritage craftsmanship; in keeping with this steadfast aesthetic, each of the label’s lamps is still manufactured locally from their base in Dresden. Their compact dimensions make for single and grouped arrangements. The precise geometric form adapts to different interior styles and environments.

Designer: Alexander Paul Finke (Germany)
Manufacturer: dreizehngrad (Germany)
Material: powder coated metal
Colours: white-matt, pigeon-blue and stone-grey
Dimension: size1: 14cm/H15cm / size 2: 16cm/H19cm
Price: 149

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product|added Apr 30, 2018 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  33519 votes

BELLA Wall Mirror


Bela leads to a fantasy world where one can imagine their dream character!!

This wall mirror is suspended by a straw strap. Its simple circular shape is decorative but also functional, and can become a face mirror.

Designer: Hugo Silva e Joana Santos (Portugal)
Material: Hand-sewn straw braid and solid ash. The finishing is colorless matt varnish.
Colours: Natural
Dimension: Small: W36 cm / H5 cm / D23 cm Big: W54 cm/H80 cm/D54 cm

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product|added Apr 29, 2018 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  35817 votes

REDEFINED - The Perfected Wallet Series.


From the edge of expression. We have blended style, functionality and quality into an outstanding smart wallet collection.

Designer: Serkan Elbasan (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Material: Leather, Elastic Band
Colours: Black
Dimension: Creditcard
Price: $35

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product|added Apr 23, 2018 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  46980 votes

SARA pendant lamp


Sara is a pendant lamp that light your room and also your ideas. The form of Sara is simple and elegant and the lampshade represents women straw hat, typical of the Portuguese region of Baixo Minho.

Designer: Joana Santos e Hugo Silva (Portugal)
Inspired By: Portuguese region of Baixo Minho
Material: Hand-sewn straw braid
Dimension: W49 cm/ H18 cm/ D49 cm

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product|added Apr 23, 2018 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  48636 votes

Goria Multi-Use Structure by Nüvist


Goria Multi-use Structure has been inspired by smooth forms and curvy lines found on anatomical structures such as bones and muscles. These gorgeous anatomical forms and lines are transformed to an spectacular form to bring life and identity. Goria also provides an private isolation area from its environment so it is for multi-purpose use such as events, concerts or meetings for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd (Turkey)
Inspired By: anatomical structures

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