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Color cupboard


Some people are ordering their books at height, some on alphabetically but i wanted to do this by color..! A lot of people still know the color of a book they have read. So order you're books on color at a ethical way.. I had a idea of ordering it like a color circle, a circle where you can quietly read a book.

Designer: Bas Kamp (Netherlands)
Inspired By: color wheel
Colours: White and.......

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Eyes of Strangers Boutique Cover


"In whatever mirror we look… we will meet the rare eyes of strangers."
Marcel Wanders
Eyes of Strangers Boutique cover is the newest addition to the Moooi Boutique range. Available for boutique and boutique XL.

Designer: Marcel Wanders (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Moooi (Netherlands)
Material: Pattern fabric material; 24% polyester 47% cotton, 29% linen
Colours: Red and orange stripe with white pattern

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Pillow Light


A pillow becomes a lamp. An object that fills the room with a warm glow. The contrast between the glass and the image of a soft pillow makes this lamp an unusual object.

Designer: Marleen Kurvers (Netherlands)
Material: glass
Dimension: 60-50-30 cm

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Leo Sofa


Sofa, shell in fiberglass, seat in high end wool fabric. Fiberglass frame/foam /gray leather or wool fabric seat.

Designer: filippo bich (Italy)
Manufacturer: FDM (Norway)
Material: Fiberglass, Wool
Colours: White/Grey
Price: $ 522

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The Hourglass by Ikepod

Marc Newson's latest creation for Ikepod sees the Australian designer interpret the most iconic timepiece of all: The Hourglass. Director Philip Andelman traveled to Basel, Switzerland, to document the designer's modern take of the classic hourglass inside the Glaskeller factory. Each hand made hourglass comprises highly durable borosilicate glass and millions of stainless steel nanoballs, and is available in a 10 or 60 minute timer.


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Facebook Box


Steve Murray’s Facebook Box explores the possibility of a physical social network by keeping every piece of digital activity as a physical document. This creates a new way to use social networks and establishes that social networking no longer needs to be restricted to the confines of a digital display.

The Facebook Box has the ability to detect activity on your account and prints a physical version of each new post on your wall.

Designer: Steve Murray (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Steve Murray (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Facebook

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Marketing / New Business


Neuss, Germany




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TweetingSeat is an interactive park bench that has been designed to connect physical and digital communities by tweeting photos of its users and the environment in which it is placed.

Designer: Chris McNicholl (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: communities / connecting physical and digital

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video report|added Apr 25, 2011

Design for Download by Droog

Introductory video used during the presentation of Droog during the Salone de Mobile 2011 in Milan.


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Fil, side table


Fil is a family of side tables with a very minimal shape. Made with a tempered glass round top and a thin tubular lacquered metal structure made of two parts firmly connected together but with an unpredictable appearance of instability.

Designer: Paolo Cappello (Italy)
Manufacturer: Miniforms (Italy)
Material: Metal and glass
Colours: White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow.

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