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Mews House Interior


The main concept was to treat all the elements as pieces of furnirture in their own right which shared a common design language using birch plywood and simple detailing. In tandem with this we advised the client on floor finishes and feature wall colours to create an overall interior design."

Designer: Tandem (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Tandem (United Kingdom)
Material: Varied
Colours: Varied
Dimension: N/A
Price: N/A

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Bambi Table


The table Bambi can be used at two different levels; as a coffee table or a small dining table. The table is inspired by the anatomy of the knee, where the bones can only bend one way. The location and angle of the table legs, as well as the meeting points of the joints, help keeping the table upright and stable. When the table is folded down and used at the lower level it can give you associations to a small foal who has bent its legs and laid down to rest in the meadow.

Photo: Linn Vandli

Designer: Caroline Olsson (Norway)
Material: Birch and spray painted steel.
Dimension: Height dining table: 29.1 in. Height coffe table: 17.7 in.

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Alma (soul ) Table


Roberta Rampazzo has launched a new table, made from wood scraps with an acrylic frame. The idea is to show how noble wood can be even in its most unused form. The simple, easily identifiable shape highlights the concept. We can go beyond and relate the table with ourselves. Whilst the inner part is uneven and contrasting like our emotions the outside is tough an racional but still shows our soul.

Designer: Roberta Rampazzo (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Roberta Rampazzo Design (Brazil)
Inspired By: wood
Material: Acrylic and wood scraps
Colours: Wood
Dimension: 500x 700x 520mm
Price: around U$ 2.600

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Animate bedside


An ideal accompaniment to any bedroom suite, the Animate bedside is individual in character and eye-catching in appearance. Designed to showcase the drawer mechanics whilst allowing for a harmonious integration with the outer shell of the cabinet.

Designer: Young & Norgate (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Young & Norgate (United Kingdom)
Material: American black walnut, formica
Colours: optional
Dimension: H 630 x W 400 x D 300
Price: £899

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Moby Dick


Moby Dick is the daughter of a sign, a line silhouette and a detailed resume the eye of a whale. A clean form, linear and elegant were the goals I set for my kitchen.
Designed for homes with a strong personality, moby dick impresses with its unique linear.

Designer: Andrea Dentoni (Italy)
Inspired By: moby dick
Colours: white/black

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Chandeliers inspired by flowers. FLOS means flower in Latin. Every chandelier has its own personal name. On the pictures FLOS ROSEA and FLOS FLAVULA are visible. The lamps are made of textilewire and transparant tubes of glass. The wire becomes the ornament itself. The FLOS chandeliers are available in different colors. Combinations of colors are also possible.

Designer: Marleen Kurvers (Netherlands)
Inspired By: flowers
Material: glass, textile wire
Colours: yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, grey, white
Dimension: appr. 50 cm by 3 meters

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TIND End Table


The TIND End Table is a small, eco-friendly table with a strong visual presence. The recycled steel top has been waterjet-cut with an intricate pattern, creating vivid light and shadow patterns. The shapes of the carbonized bamboo legs are determined by the patterning in the steel top. Each of the fourteen legs is cut flush with the steel top. Bamboo is a “rapidly renewable” grass, not a wood product. The carbonized finish is created by heating the bamboo, resulting in a rich caramel color.

Designer: Nils Finne (United States)
Manufacturer: FINNE Architects (United States)
Inspired By: Patterns found in nature
Material: Waterjet-cut steel top, carbonized bamboo legs
Colours: Black and caramel
Dimension: 17
Price: pricing on request

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outdoor chair + footstool

Designer: Lars Contzen (Germany)
Manufacturer: Atelier Schneeweiss AG (Germany)
Inspired By: 60s
Material: wood + polyurethane coated foam
Colours: various
Dimension: wide
Price: please ask the producer

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Leftover Lamps


Lamps made out of silicon rubber tubes. Approximately 100 meters of waste are produced every time an extrusion machine is started. Since the tubes spread light and have a high heat resistance, it have served as material for lamps, one for office environment and one for home. The lamps are delivered with messy ending, the last step of the production lies on the user, who can cut the lamps in any haircut he/she prefers.

Designer: Clara Lindsten (Sweden)
Manufacturer: (Sweden)
Inspired By: Hair, sea animals,
Material: silicon
Colours: white
Dimension: OFFICE: 70x25x15 cm HOME: 25x25x30
Price: OFFICE: 950 Euro HOME: 480 Euro

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Dolls - ceramic tiles collection


When you think of Russia, one of the first image that come to mind is the Matryoshka dolls. In the conceptualizing process of this series, Loginoff departed from Matryoshka doll he painted in gold at hi house in Moscow. But here, everything is real: real gold used for printing! It's possible to create unexpected effects and surprising surfaces with the Matryoshka images of different shapes, combinations and forms.

for more information, please visit

Designer: Dima Loginoff (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: VitrA
Inspired By: russian Matryoshka doll
Material: ceramic tiles, gold
Colours: white, light grey, black
Dimension: 30x30

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