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MDC stands for Minki Dining Chair and it is designed to support general use of dining chair. Sepetir wood and dark navy colors were used. The basic structure of the chair was applied to give stable, interesting and elegant looks at the same time. The unique line from back part to armrests shows its characteristic and it was considered to provide the most comfortable angles and width when a user is on.

Designer: Minki Kim (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Saimbang Furniture (Korea, South)
Material: Wood
Colours: Dark navy
Dimension: H:689 * W:542 * D:685

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Experience Zero Gravity by Betty Wants In

There are thousands of people that are exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. This chapter we will take you to Norway Switzerland and France where people are jumping cliffs as high as 6,000 feet. Experience Zero Gravity will hopefully provide you with the feeling and the emotion that we feel when we think about the experience of Base Jumping in the most scenic locations of the world.


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Ravenscroft Cross Leg Desk


Designed to sit in the centre of a room, Pfeifer's Ravenscroft Desk is a contemporary interpretation of a classic form. The generous desktop finishes in angled nooks, creating handy filing compartments for paperwork, while the raised rear surface is ideal for auxiliary monitors. Integrating technology into the design with a purpose built shelf for transformers and hard drives, along with cable slots for access. The manufacture fuses a high quality natural Oak finish with robust construction.

Designer: Leonhard Pfeifer (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Woodman (Estonia)
Inspired By: Strong grain of natural Oak
Material: Natural Oak
Colours: Oak
Dimension: 140cm x 77cm x 85cm high
Price: 495 retail

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Hand-crafted letters upholstered in exclusive BIRKY tweed, woven in the Scottish Borders.

Designer: BIRKY Design Studio (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: BIRKY Design (United Kingdom)
Material: 100% wool
Colours: Rustic green, teal, sky-blue
Dimension: 50cm x 30cm x 45cm
Price: £895

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Raising Lantern


Raising Lanterns comprise a series of stacked cylindrical shapes. The unique design of the lamp allows numerous compositions and possibilities. The various cylindrical shapes are interchangeable so one arrangement can instantly transform into another. The lantern can shrink or grow up to 3.10m in height and can be used as a floorlamp or pendant light. The standing lanterns can form towering statues of light while hanging the lanterns create clouds of glowing shapes.

Designer: Studio Lawrence (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Studio Lawrence (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Fascination with sequences and stacking lampshades, creating sculptural volume with light materials
Material: PP (polypropylene) shades and diffusers on an aluminium frame
Colours: White
Dimension: Modular
Price: From £1136

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Singing Brownies


Ceramic, hand made sculptures - vases, designed for any interior, bringing joy and excitement.

Designer: Diploo (Poland)
Manufacturer: Diploo Studio (Poland)
Inspired By: woods & imagination
Material: ceramic, cardboard, wood
Colours: shades of white
Dimension: 12cm x 30 cm
Price: 120zl - 190zl

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Gladiator's bike


It was like a physical match between gladiators at the colosseum, which was a sports for aristocrats during the Roman times. In a match that was similar to a war, they had to attack each other, survive and finish the race the fastest in order to win the event and acquire huge fortune and honor.

Designer: Jeong Jaewan (Korea, South)

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London Design Festival 2011


Now in its ninth year, the London Design Festival will be the largest and most significant yet, with an expected 180 partners and more than 250 events celebrating the world's creative capital.
"This year the key word on everyone's lips is growth. With a 60bn creative industries sector that employs over 2million people and produces nearly 6% of GDP, the government has identified our creative industries' sector as crucial to growth," said Sir John Sorrell, Chairman of the London Design Festival. "We all know design is the engine that drives the creative industries, so this year the London Design Festival will promote design not only as absolutely central to society and to culture - but also to the economy, to growth and the future."
The London Design Festival has commissioned landmark design installations all by renowned British architects and designers across the city, at the V&A Museum, and, for the first time, St Paul's Cathedral.


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BLOODROP (HD 2D) by Alexei Popogrebsky

'When what you see is not what you get' The 2D version of the 3D short film by Alexei Popogrebsky. We used the opportunity to test some concepts in 3D and see how it would translate to 2D, and vice versa.


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Nae juicer


This conception is minimalist cause could be made from one sheet of plastic. Lines of the design emphasize it's function, Nae looks like a water lily and works like any other handheld juicer.

Designer: Thibaut Rouganne (France)
Material: Plastic
Colours: White

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