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table lamp Cube


concept table lamp

Designer: Cédric Dequidt (France)

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Valencia Disseny Week

Valencia Disseny Week (VDW) is a major event, replete with design-related activities that are carried out in Valencia over a few days to coincide with the Feria Hábitat Valencia Trade Fair.


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Radioactive Control by Luzinterruptus

    view gallery The installation Radioactive Control was created for the Dockville Festival in de Hamburg which tried to demonstrate, in a humorous tone, the paranoia that we are suffering from since the escape of radioactive material in Japan, has brought into question the safety systems at the nuclear power plants. With our mysterious army of 100 illuminated radioactive figures, which advanc...


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Shelf of books sit, rest of the objects, and some boast.
Chosen by Millin and Margot Mathilde 2C, visible at 4 rue Mahler 75004.

Designer: stephane durand -veronique fohlen (France)
Price: price on request

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Nocturn by Moonlight glow in the dark cushion


'Nocturne by Moonlight' is a full Moon shaped cushion which glows in the dark like the real moonlight. As it gets dark, the Nocturne by Moonlight cushion illuminates a soft, dim light for you to enjoy. These 'Full Moon pillow & cushion' use a real image of the moon which includes 65 individual frames of the lunar mosaic images taken from Nantes in West France by astrophotographer Norbert.

Designed by i3Lab. (

Designer: i³Lab. [i-cubed-lab] (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: M-Theory (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Moonlight
Material: cover(65% Poly +35% Cotton) / filling(Poly fibres)
Colours: Blue Moon/ Pink Moon/ Green Moon/ Violet Moon/ Olive Moon
Dimension: R : 50cm
Price: 120 USD

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Life Edge Walnut Coffee Table


The Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table is made from a single slab of reclaimed wood and a clear acrylic base. What some may perceive as wood imperfection is incorporated to the design, making each table a unique statement piece.

This contemporary coffee table design is also offered in other wood options including Tamboril, Cocobolo, Brazilian Peroba, English Elm, Spalted Maple. Base options include clear acrylic, powder coated or blackened steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

Designer: Pilar Meza (United States)
Manufacturer: Rotsen Furniture (United States)
Material: Free Edge Walnut Slab and clear acrylic
Colours: Natural

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BMW Motorrad Concept e BMW electro scooter

    view gallery Individual mobility is increasingly defined in terms of sustainability. The BMW Group has taken on the challenges of a rapidly changing world and is now developing serial production solutions to meet the mobility needs of the future. As an integrated part of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad is also addressing issues of individual single-track mobility and future customer needs. In this...


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Mrs Smith the Second


A companion for Mr Smith the second,Anthonys recent chair.
She has sassy attitude; her curves are smooth and tight, and just make you want to run your hands all over them. This is one serious, high glamour table

Designer: Anthony Hartley (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Anthony Hartley (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Mr Smiith the Second (Frank Gehry+ Paul Smith = AnthonyHartley)
Material: Laminated ply with high gloss handsprayed coating
Colours: multicoloured

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Between a stool and a stepladder, Smarty is a two-step which can be used in all our small needs of the everyday life: sitting, climbing, expose, setting, playing…
It is inspired from the “cut-up” literary image when two words are cut and randomly re-assembled in order to create a new one.

Designer: laurent corio (France)
Manufacturer: eno (France)
Inspired By: cut-up
Material: white oak and lacquered top
Colours: natural oak and white top
Dimension: larger/lenght: 46/46 cm - high: 50 cm
Price: on demand

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Ruray Light


Ruray, an LED desk light named after an unusual tsunami wave just off the Irish coast. This hand-formed product made of composite material is a perfect example of Hi-tech materials and hand crafted production.

The Ruray will be appearing at the Design Island stand, at in the largest showcase of Design from Ireland in years at Tent London 2011.

Designer: Shane Holland (Ireland)
Manufacturer: Shane Holland Design Workshops (Ireland)

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