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    view gallery The new Armani Hotel Milano is the second hotel to be launched within the Armani Hotels & Resorts project and marks the continued collaboration with Emaar Properties PJSC. Following the success of the Armani Hotel Dubai, located in Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, the Armani Hotel Milano recently opened in the heart of the city. A key element of this approach is the d...


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oval garden table - waterproof, hpl table top
also available in a smaller, round version

Designer: Marcus Hofbauer (Germany)
Manufacturer: Jan Kurtz (Germany)
Material: HPL, coated steel pipe
Colours: white
Dimension: 180x110cm

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Vhils x Orelha Negra Collaboration

Crank up the volume! Street Art artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils vs. Orelha Negra


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furniture as a social media

Designer: David Tsai (United States)
Inspired By: social media, smart phones, skype, facetime, iphone, ipad
Material: plywood, acoustic foam, acrylic
Colours: wood, black
Dimension: 7' x 30
Price: nfs

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video report|added Nov 13, 2011

Go Beyond The Cover: Behind the Scenes

Dermablend takes you behind the scenes at the "Go Beyond The Cover" video shoot with Zombie Boy (a.k.a. Rico Genest), shot on location at the Tuxedo Agency in Montreal.


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Time Flies


A clock design based on the phrase 'Time Flies When Your Having Fun'. It serves as a reminder that time is valuable so try to enjoy whatever you are spending it on.

Designer: Jenny Walsh (Ireland)
Inspired By: Time Flies When Your Having Fun.
Material: Laser Cut Laminate
Colours: White
Price: 28

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The Florian occasional table is born around the tray shape. This integral tray becomes the base for several things, enabling aesthetic and interaction customisation for the user.The main structures can then be accessorised with a bird cage, a sadderly leather disk or a glass dome. The inspiration for the glass dome accessory comes from the south of Italy where they are often used in a religious context for display purposes of precious artefacts.

Designer: cristina celestino + matteo bastoni (Italy)
Manufacturer: ATTICO (Italy)
Inspired By: tray shape
Material: iron sheet matte varnished
Colours: black or sand
Dimension: diameter 34 cm, hight 73 cm
Price: 250,00 euro

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Kopje Kopje


Kopje Kopje is inspired by the puppets as we remember them from our youth. The puppet characters we used are “ The Princess” and “Little Red Ridinghood”. This specific selection is made for the reason that these figures are bringing back our childhood “puppet” memories the most. Some of them are peeping, while others are not quiet, over the edge of the cup to observe daily life. Kopje Kopje is handmade, each cup is unique.

Designer: rENs (Netherlands)
Material: porcelain
Colours: black or white
Dimension: 10 x 10 x 10
Price: 45

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MARSHMELLO is a soft,plush corner sofa for those days that you just want to think about a lot of nothing.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (South Africa)
Manufacturer: (Norway)

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QuickFix and Foldnfix Mudguards


The Quickfix and Foldnfix mudguards require no nuts and bolts; they simply use the bicycles frame and their unique folding design to give them their structural rigidity. The Quickfix mudguard is designed to simply click on and off when needed and can be folded flat to store in your bag. While the Foldnfix mudguard attaches with cable ties for a more permanent solution.

Designer: Mark Windsor (New Zealand)
Manufacturer: Full Windsor (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Origami
Material: Polypropylene sheet
Colours: Black, White, Silver Red, Yellow, Blue
Dimension: 725mm x 160mm
Price: Quickfix - £14.99, FoldnFix - £13.49

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