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A Room for London

    view gallery Sell out architectural installation on South Bank opens January 2012 A Room for London is a one-bedroom installation available to rent throughout 2012 and a programme of extraordinary events. The initial bookings for a night in this remarkable architectural space sold out within minutes when they went live in September. A Room for London is a major collaboration between Living Architect...


news|added Jan 31, 2012

REK coffee table by Reinier de Jong

    view gallery REK is a coffee table that grows with your coffee needs. When you have visitors, just get some chairs and extend the table any way you like. Built-in stops make sure you will not extend the sliding parts too far. Of course you can also put REK in a permanent position that fits your interior. The top and two sides of REK are white HPL and the edges are finished with your choice of solid wood...


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ASKUR is a multifunctional furniture for your multifunction room. It can serve as a side table, chair and storage unit and it provides you with an easy access to all these different functions. ASKUR is a space saver. Its main objective is to serve two functions at the same time; you always have the storage but get choose between the table or chair function. Adjust your furniture to suit your needs!

Designer: Inga Sol
Inspired By: Small space living
Material: Ash wood
Colours: Light ash wood, colored wool for cushion.
Dimension: 45*55*51,5 cm

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Stone Angels Wallpaper


Young & Battaglia's latest creation, 'Stone Angels', is inspired by stone architectural details and features angels reminiscent of renaissance sculptures and cathedrals. It creates the effect of an exquisitely carved ornate wall and conjures up a serene, romantic scene like that of an Italian palazzo or a garden courtyard. Perfect for feature walls or a whole room this paper is made in England and printed on to fine quality vinyl-free smooth paper.

Designer: Young&Battaglia (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: stone architectural details and features angels reminiscent of renaissance sculptures and cathedrals

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Ceiling lamp “GAGARIN”

Manufacturer: Not yet commercially produced
Material: General materials are aluminum/ iron, plastic, silver/gold coating.
Colours: Silver, gold, black
Dimension: 15x15x55 cm

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Eco Storage


Wood wool, water paint, aluminum, everything 100% recyclable, define a synergy of ecologically correct products to be enjoyed with informality and irony for a conscious project. Eco Storage is a system of boxes of life…designed for an under stated target that defies the metropolis on its bike. Composed by an wood box that can easily host any bike, the storage presents on the front side endless configuration of wood shelves and aluminum drawers… everything strictly colored and recyclable.

Designer: Valerio Romondia (Italy)
Inspired By: street
Material: wood wool, aluminium, wood
Dimension: 100x180x75

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grinERA Exclusivera Wooden bathtub


SOlid wood bathtub with integrated hardened glas walls

Designer: Florian Prensena (Germany)
Manufacturer: grinERA (Germany)
Material: ash wood, security glas 19mm
Colours: natural wood grain
Dimension: 180cm x 90cm x 50cm

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Stockholm Furniture Fair


Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the world's largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design, for both home and public environments.


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Cracked Shelf


It is shaped with different kinds of convex tessellations (in this case hexagonal) made by rectangular pieces of wood, which can be combined freely in any direction, always filling the surface.
This product, from its general shape to the smaller pieces that comprise it, was parametrically designed using computer software. A set of pieces in steel was developed for the union system, cut by laser and folded with CNC machinery. These joints are fixed with magnetic pieces embedded in the wood,

Designer: great things to People (Chile)
Material: Pieces of Rauli wood with dual FSC and Fairtrade certification, steel strips, magnet flat bars

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Heritage Sideboard


This Heritage sideboard version present you a different number layers, were each one tell you different story. In the different layers you will find different tiles paintings inspired in different periods of Portuguese history taken from different historic buildings like convents or old colleges.

Designer: Boca do Lobo design Studio | Designer Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Preggo | No Limits (Portugal)
Inspired By: Portuguese Tiles
Material: Tiles . Wood . Mirror
Colours: Blue . White . Gold . Grey .
Dimension: W. 162 cm | 62,9'' H. 90 cm | 35,4'' D. 50 cm | 16,7''
Price: 15.670 (+ VAT)

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