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Spiegel .01


This mirror is proof that being broken isn't necessarily a bad thing. The nail from which it is mounted to the wall, creates cracks in the glass. The image is hardly distorted with a linear view, while looking at it from a different angle it becomes more than just an every day object.

Designer: Lennart Van Uffelen (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Atelier Belge (Belgium)

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beBoard - modular shelving system


Shelving on a different level.
Your favourite books deserve a special stage – the beBoard gives it to them. With its graduated shelf-widths, the modular shelving system turns tidying your books into an aethestic game of form and proportion.For a witty accent, a single beBoard module will suffice. For a real show-stopper, you can seamlessly combine two or more of the two module types. You’ll create rhythmic wave-forms, providing a unique stage for books or objects.

Designer: Jiri M.R. Katter (Germany)
Manufacturer: KATTER_furniture (Germany)
Material: plywood
Colours: diffrent
Dimension: Total dimensions Height: 57 cm, Length: 107 cm, Width: 40,5-25,5 cm
Price: 490,00

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METRIQ Brooches


METRIQ Brooches is a series of brass brooches and water-cut in nine different designs. Simple and sophisticated

Designer: Danielle Vroemen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Geometrical pattern
Material: Brass
Colours: Gold/Brass
Dimension: about 3 x 5 cm
Price: 30,00

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Sprout Table


The Sprout Table combines traditional craft and modern design to bring eco-friendliness and environmental growth to the center of the home. The table is adorned with a white tablet covered in holes that mimic traditional lace tablecloth pattern. It allows users to plant their favorite spice, vegetable or plant below the surface. The unique centerpiece brings families together to enjoy a closer relationship with the environment while learning about sustainability.

Designer: Lena Louisa Meyer (Sweden)
Material: wood/corian
Dimension: 90/90/74

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schubhocker / pushstool


A drawer with 4 chair legs is a stool.

Designer: christian Lessing (Germany)
Manufacturer: lessing produktgestaltung (Germany)
Material: linoleum and colored steel
Colours: grey, white
Dimension: 35 x 35 x 42 cm
Price: 165

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This coffee table is produced with CNC milling and can easily be assembled by the end user. Due to the design that is fit for CNC production, color and dimensions can be customized easily. The concept of the table is to separate private life and work. The slot on the top of the table can be used as a handle as well as a cable guide for laptop and other electronic devices. By simply pulling the table plate apart it supplies plenty of storage space, so that the work area can be cleared quickly.

Designer: Maximilian Löw (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Material: plywood with / melamine coating
Colours: white

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Mountain View Lamp


The lamp with the mountain landscape plafond by russian designer Dima Loginoff.

Designer: Dima Loginoff

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Modular system of shelves


Into the wall in line at the selected height of the mounted metal tubes at a distance of 20 cm from each other across the wall, or the only place where assumes the deployment of modular shelves. Next, place the Silicon band tape at the on/between the metal tubes in such a way that would put it under the hard plastic modules-shelf. Under the weight of the modules conceived composition accepted form. The height, distance and location of the modules easy to change.

Designer: Alena Trafimava
Material: plastik, silikon, metal

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Designwettbewerb Coca Cola Kiste der Zukunft


Coca-Cola Deutschland will´s wissen – und sucht gemeinsam mit Nachwuchsdesignern im Coca-Cola Design+ Award nach neuen Konzepten für die Getränkekiste der Zukunft.

Wie sehen die Mehrweg-Getränkekisten der Zukunft aus? Welchen veränderten Anforderungen müssen sie genügen? Welche Rolle spielen der demografische Wandel, veränderte Haushaltsgrößen und neue Anforderungen an Wohnraum dabei?


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Swiss Army Knife Design Competition


Creative designers from around the world join forces to design a pocketknife edition for Victorinox via crowdsourcing on

Victorinox, makers of the original Swiss Army knife, launched an extremely successful design contest on the creative crowdsourcing platform at the end of January. Ideas can still be submitted until March 1st. The professional community made up of specialists and free spirits as well as ambitious Victorinox fans from all over the world have been given the opportunity to develop creative designs for a special edition of the 58-millimetre Classic Series – a first in the history of the Swiss cult brand. Conradin Mach-Sonnenberg, Creative Director at jovoto and a Swiss native himself, is proud of the project’s resounding success: “An unusually high number of ideas were received already in the first night after the competition went online, with more than 50 designs submitted. Today more than 600 design ideas have come in from all over the world.”
Victorinox is also thrilled about the number and the quality of the entries. Andreas Michaelis, Global Head of Marketing SAK and Cutlery: “We are completely surprised by the amount and the creativity of the feedback that we are currently experiencing at jovoto. The wide variety of creations make all of us very proud and prove that we have chosen the right path. Because, in addition to the high quality and the standards we place on the functionality of our products, we want to carry out a democratic design and voting process for the first time in the history of our company, and to involve the Victorinox customers and fans on a long-term basis.”
Those interested can still submit design ideas for their version of the Swiss Army knife via until Thursday, March 1st. A jury will select 40 designs to be presented on the Victorinox Facebook page so that the fan community can place their votes. The 10 winning designs will then go into production and be available in stores around the world starting in July/August 2012.

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