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In stripping the stair of its more cultural meaning, and allowing the essential structure of the stair become both the practical and the aesthetic value, Steps re-orients us to the idea of the stair and how we use it. Steps transforms the staircase into multi-functional seating by incorporating a seat back to the second “tread.” In doing so, Steps form becomes both a seat with two end tables and two seats with one end-table, while the third stairs’ elevation also provides a natural armrest.

Designer: Geof Ramsay (Canada)
Inspired By: Staircases
Material: Multiply wood / Fabric

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Edition29 STRUCTURES 004 for iPad


EDITION29 STRUCTURES ISSUE 004 featuring the Norwegian Reindeer Pavilion, a Wind Tower in Valencia and a cultural center in Turkey.

Designer: Edition29 Design (United States)
Manufacturer: Edition29 (United States)
Inspired By: Great Architecture Books
Material: Digital
Dimension: 728x1024
Price: $2.99 USD

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Bravo Chair


a chair perfect for studying or read and even a quick nap in between.

Designer: Matte Nyberg (United States)
Material: Beech veneer

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Only January Mirror


The Mirror which embraces an image. There was an idea to create the alive mirror step forth a plane of a wall. Getting to the Mirror space, the person appears in the unreal world which has thousand having something in common reflexions, sides.

Designer: Katherine Semenko (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: (Russian Federation)
Inspired By: January month
Material: plastic, steel construction, mirror
Colours: black
Dimension: 700 mm lenght

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NOT TOO LATE by Dima Loginoff


Designed by Dima Loginoff, sofa collections will be presented on Florence Design Week in Lungarno Collection by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Designer: Dima Loginoff
Manufacturer: Artex (Italy)

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Love chaiselongue


Chaiselongue with 2 places for lovers and table in the middle.

Designer: Alex Petunin (Russian Federation)
Inspired By: Heart form, infinity
Material: hi-macs, corian
Colours: white, pink

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DMY Berlin 2012


DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design. At the yearly DMY International Design Festival Berlin both renowned and young, experimental designers launch new products, prototypes and foresighted projects. The exhibition is accompanied by a wide program of symposia, designer-talks and workshops, able to reflect current topics of contemporary design and to reveal necessary future trends of design and its related disciplines.

Furthermore DMY yearly assigns the DMY Awards for excellent projects. With international exhibitions and activities in Europe, Asia and South America, DMY gives visibility to unconventional and innovative projects and products that go beyond the mainstream.

DMY are hosting the official Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2012. Since 1969 the Design Prize is awarded for excellence in the design field by the Federal Ministry of Economics  and Technology.


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The microscopic structures of the pollen have inspired the form of this ambient light lamp. It is shaped by 33 assembled silicone pieces. From each of these shapes a light illuminates, creating a luminous organic flexible object to the tact.

Designer: Helbert Suarez & Remi Melander
Manufacturer: System Design Studio (Spain)
Material: silicone
Colours: WHITE
Dimension: 25cm x 32cm
Price: by request

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Gastro Trend & Trade Show in Cologne is the trend indicator of the gastronomy scene in Germany and the most important source of information for the entire industry. From bestsellers to new discoveries, from big players to start-ups – the focus of the trade fair are businesses with innovative products and services that meet the demands of contemporary gastronomic needs.
An informative lecture and workshop program presents trends in gastro-marketing, food and beverage as well as innovative gastro-concepts from around the globe. Various tastings and an exciting show program completes the picture.

Opening Hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Highlights include:
A forum for international concepts for success, marketing strategies and trend research results. There will also be some live presentations on bar trends from around the world.


The Concept Area is the showroom for interior solutions, gastronomy concepts and for introducing new products and technologies.


Forum for tasting spirits, wine, beer, coffee and training in preparing cocktails, working techniques, etc.

COLOGNE BY NIGHT | Common gastro-tour through Cologne on May 21
DISCOVERY AREA | Showcase of selected products, presented by FIZZZ
MUNDUS VINI VERKOSTUNGSZONE | World of award winning wines
ISW VERKOSTUNGSZONE | Award winning spirits at a open tasting
CHAMPAGNER-BAR | The biggest champagne bar 70 different champagne


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ICFF New York 2012


24th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair will map the newest frontier of what's best and what's next in design

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