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Tric, Tablet Table


Clear lines characterize the tablet table collection „tric“. The base frame is made from solid material and its shape includes a little cleverness. It contains the fence for the tray so the tray always get back in position after using it on its own.

Designer: moritz friedrich (Germany)
Dimension: 38cm diam x 48cm height; 60cm diam x 48cm height; 60cm diam x 32cm height

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little stool

Designer: alex valder (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Inspired By: the trestle
Material: beech, laminat
Colours: pink, light blue, grey, green, yellow
Dimension: h43cm, w30cm, d17cm
Price: 187,- Euro

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heute – the german word for today – is spontaneous, intuitive and emotional. today is always different, always individual and - today is shapeable.
nu is a collection of screenprinted fabrics, designed and manufactured by heute - schmidt. nu+ as second collection is the addition with accessories like pillowcases, teatowels and bags.

Designer: heute - schmidt (Germany)

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Y Stool


The Y Stools are an exploration of the relationship between wood and metal.
The Y Stools are constructed from steel combined with American Ash wood turned legs, which slot neatly into the seat and steel pipe. It features a powder coated finish that is available in 6 different colours that can appeal to many different environments. The Y Stools also break down into components for easy shipping.

Designer: Tim Webber (New Zealand)
Manufacturer: Tim Webber Design (TWD) (New Zealand)
Inspired By: The exploration of wood and metal
Material: Powdercoated Steel, American Ash
Colours: Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Dimension: Available in 650mm or 750mm
Price: 650 NZD

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FURM Furniture


PEVETO, A Fine Art Resource Management Company, presents the FURM Furniture collection of hip recycled furniture made from repurposed shipping crates – used fine art shipping crates, that otherwise would have gone to a landfill, are transformed into stylish functional furniture.

Designer: Felipe Contreras and Scott Peveto (United States)
Manufacturer: FURM Furniture (United States)
Inspired By: Donald Judd
Material: Used Fine Art Shipping Crates
Colours: natural wood

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Berlin Fashion Week


Twice a year Berlin becomes an international location for fashion and lifestyle topics. During the Berlin Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts, buyers, trade experts and the media interact at shows and awards ceremonies, collect information at fashion trade shows and attend exhibitions and off-site events.

Highlights from July 3-8 2012 at the next Berlin Fashion Week include:
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin shows on “Straße des 17. Juni” at the Siegessäule monument. 
BREAD & BUTTER, the leading international trade fair for street and urban wear, from July 4-6 2012 at the former Tempelhof Airport, a site with a rich tradition.
PREMIUM the fashion show; BRIGHT the street wear trade fair; the New York Trade Show (capsule); the orderplatform for high fashion SHOW & ORDER, as well as THE GALLERY BERLIN round out the week. 
Berlin will show itself from its 'green-fashion' side this season, too, by introducing the newest trends and discussing current questions surrounding ecological design. Among this week's eco-shows are: Lavera Showfloor Berlin, GREENshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show.
The Showroom Days take place in various locations, largely as public events, for everyone interested in fashion.


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nendo designed watches for NOON

    view gallery “dark noon” Danish watch company “noon” specializes in manufacturing and selling wristwatches that use the company's exclusive disk system. We designed the disks and dial for noon's limited edition no. 17' watch.   In most of noon's watches, the multi-colored semi-transparent disks create bright, ever-changing patterns as they move across each other. We...


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KISD graduation weeks


Every year KISD – Köln International School of Design – say goodbye to the graduates with an ceremonially gala and an exhibition of their final theses – »KISDgraduation weeks«.
This event symbolises much more than the start of their professional life, it represent the graduates and the KISD. Their thinking, in combination with the values and the quality of teaching design at KISD and all facets. It is a unique event for designers and all who are interested in design.

opening hours:
Mo. - Fr. from 4pm
So. from 11am


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Howard Stool


Named after the designer's father, an architect, "The Howard" is an all-weather, stack-able bar stool, constructed entirely of welded steel with a powdercoat finish. It is available in 3 heights and a multitude of colors. The ergonomic shape, modeled after RAD's proven "Barbara Stool", promotes healthy posture.

Designer: Ryan Anderson (United States)
Manufacturer: RAD (United States)
Material: welded steel
Colours: any
Dimension: 16
Price: $350+/- USD

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Simple air ventilator. Increase or decrease speed by moving your fingers along the fan neck. Cable wrap in the bottom of the base.

Designer: Gerhardt Kellermann (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)

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