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Silk M(emory) by Peter Donders


Silk M(emory) soft and gentle embracing of the shape, remove the object and the memory will stay.

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Inspired By: C-Bench Silk
Material: Cast Alu
Dimension: L 3220mm W 830mm H 420mm +/- 50kg

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Spring watering can


Robert Bronwasser designed the cheerful and colourful watering can called ‘Spring’ for Dutch design brand Goods. This affordable watering can has a reservoir with a capacity of more than two litres of water and two openings: a wide spout for filling the can and a narrow spout for watering plants. The slim neck serves as a handle while watering. The matte surface gives the watering can an attractive and soft look.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Goods (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nature, functionality and simplicity
Material: HDPE
Colours: water blue, sun yellow, earth grey and leave green
Dimension: 16x16x34 cm
Price: 16

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P-UHR Wrist Watch


The P-UHR wrist watch case and interior parts are not produced by common mass fabrication techniques (injection molding, etc.), this watch is 3D printed, using current 3D rapid prototyping processes.

Designer: Paul Kweton (Austria)
Manufacturer: (United States)
Inspired By: spli-T-ime
Material: Acrylic-based photopolymer
Colours: black / neon green
Dimension: 4.0cm x 4.4cm x 1.1cm
Price: on request via

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Exhibition Design for Architectural Particles


In keeping with the Architectural Particles theme, the exhibition’s architecture consists of a modular system of tetrahedrons and octahedrons.
Responsive Design Studio developed and realized the exhibiton design for "Architecture Particles" in collaboration with Studyo Architects, Grossgestalten (graphics), MAKK and with kind support by Bayer Material Science and Ligaproduction.
Fotos: © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Köln: Marion Mennicken, Details

Designer: Hans Sachs (Germany)
Manufacturer: Ligaproduction GmbH (Germany)
Material: Vivak by Bayer Material Science
Colours: white glossy
Dimension: basic triangle with 536 mm edge length

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Canopy Dinnerware


A dinnerware set conceptually inspired by the multi-ethnic, composite culture of Malaysia. Formally, the set recalls tropical leaf structure, the fractured geography of the country and the diversity of the terrain. It is a reinterpretation of the botanical and geologic beauty of the country that captures a sense of growth and vitality.

Designer: Claudia Meyer (United States)
Inspired By: Malaysia
Material: mixed media
Colours: white

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R & B2 Chair


The R&B2 - Easy Chair, pays homage to Portuguese traditional material culture.
Inspired by the traditional Portuguese chair, the designer reinvents the measures and typology turning a dinning chair (the original) into an easy-chair.
Easily found in most of rural houses in Alentejo, this new chair, like the original, keeps the multi stick crossed structure that gives a strong resistance and a long live use.

Designer: Marco Sousa Santos (Portugal)
Inspired By: The traditional portuguese chair and the rural houses in Alentejo
Material: Beech massive wood
Colours: Natural Ash wood, stained white, black and others colors from RAL system

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The LivingSculpture 3D module system

Chances are high to meet the creative spirit of Christopher Bauder from WHITEvoid if you enter a space and feelings of infinity, digitalism, space, music and design meet technology at its finest arise. Shimmering eclectic waves, the magic of visual oceans high up a ceiling, endless skies of light flickering and changing in time, impressions created by the new LivingSculpure 3D module system by Christopher Bauder.


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Still most of us drink less than necessary. The drinkitnow carafe gives you
practical drinking goals. Simply fill your drinkitnow carafe in the morning with fresh water.
From now on you just have to empty the carafe according to the time shown on it. You will drink 2 liters (2.1 US Quarts) extra a day without even realizing it. It is so simple and you will keep your efficiency up all day.

Designer: westosteron (Germany)
Manufacturer: drinkitnow GmbH (Germany)
Inspired By: health/wellness
Material: glas&wood
Colours: different
Dimension: 26cmx9cm
Price: 29,- Euro

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New Riva 63 Virtus launched

    view gallery The new flagship of the open line, the Riva 63’ Virtus gives a new meaning to the open concept. A distinctive Mediterranean style craft, it maintains the unique elegance of all Riva models; class, flair and clean shapes. Featuring wider spaces with a higher standard of living and the utmost on-board comfort with styled interior fittings, and cutting-edge on-board technology. With...


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Purmundus Challenge - 3D printing Competition


International competition for design in 3D-printing

Sponsored by purmundus in cooperation with DEMAT GmbH, EuroMold 2012.
The purmundus challenge is an international competition for 3D printing.
The theme for this inaugural year is “jewellery for human beings or their direct
environment“. purmundus, the studio for ideas and design produces and distributes limited editions of home accessories, lighting and jewellery.
Specialised in the production technologies, purmundus is the new German label for “customized mass production”. In this competition purmundus encourages
artists, designers and engineers to utilise creative freedom of 3D printing to design innovative concepts for industrially produced jewellery.
The purmundus challenge 2012 is presented in cooperation with the trade fair
organizer DEMAT GmbH.
The exhibition of the finalists will take place at EuroMold 2012 in Frankfurt with an award ceremony during “Designer Night” on 29th of November 2012. In addition, there will be the purmundus-audience prize, decided by the votes cast by visitors to the fair.

Further information concerning call for entries and terms and conditions on

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