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Wabi Sabi table


Wabi Sabi is a japanese word meaning beauty of imperfect things that reflects the irreversibile flow of life, it's a beauty that exsist in the modest, an aesthetic sensitivity that finds a melancholic beauty in the impermanence of all things. All this is Wabi Sabi coffee table.

Designer: deZign Studio Angelo Bucci + Sara Armento (Italy)
Material: Cherry tree wood and steel
Dimension: 90 x 55 x 23 cm
Price: 350

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cocktail arcade table


Cocktail / Arcade Table given a contemporary feel but without losing its retro origins! features a pc inside with mame software and a LCD flat screen underneath a glass panel top.

Designer: dan mac furniture (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: dan mclaughlin (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Retro Arcade
Material: Teak Veneered MDF, Glass and Stainless Steel
Colours: Teak and Black
Dimension: 1200x600650
Price: £1500

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Tic Tok


Tic to the front, Tok to the sides, 'Tic-Tok' - I embodied tree branches and reinterpreted typical flavor containers, and it has a Y shape and focused on both grip feeling and practicality. Moreover, it contains interior element, and it is designed to invigorate the kitchen, for it has two holes with different sizes on both sides giving a slmple fun.

Designer: dongsung jung (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: icono design studio (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Tic to the front, Tok to the sides, 'Tic-Tok'
Material: Stainless
Colours: Silver
Dimension: 50x50x100

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Offcut Pouf


Every year, millions of tons of textiles ends up in landfills. Textiles from clothing rejected by retailers because of flaws or they’ve missed the season. In the US alone, almost 11 million tons of textiles ends up in landfill, every year. The Offcut Pouf is made of a high quality cotton wire, made from connected strings of offcuts of new fashion garments. The pattern is crochetted by hand, making every pouf unique. The pouf is ideal to use as an extra seat or to rest your feet on.

Designer: Anna Karnov (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Anna Karnov (Denmark)
Inspired By: Offcuts
Material: A high quality cotton wire, made from connected strings of textile offcuts.
Colours: Grey and leather
Dimension: 40 x 40 x 40 cm
Price: EUR 670

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Interactive table by Milan Kazarka


Interactive table with a touchscreen that only reacts to fingers. Seamless integration of computing into an elegant design. Very light, affordable. Screen is protected by unbreakable glass.

Designer: Milan Kazarka (Austria)
Manufacturer: Foresight Media s.r.o.
Dimension: 55x55x55cm
Price: 3000 euro

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The Harrison Table


A bespoke walnut table made my the Liquidesign team.

Designer: Cameron Fry and the Liqui Studio
Material: Walnut

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ocho necklace


a necklace totally handmade in italy, made with 24 brassy and silver spool with coloured cotton yarn, leather neck, you can castomized and disassemble each spool

Designer: vivenzio buongiovanni (Italy)
Manufacturer: monica buongiovanni (Italy)
Inspired By: spool, ochobags
Material: leather, brassy, silver, india rubber
Colours: various

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Zevaka - Table for lazy students


Table for lazy students.

Designer: Yaroslav Misonzhnikov (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: Design gallery/bulthaup (Russian Federation)
Material: wood, latex, ceramics
Price: 800 Euro

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3 Stories Up


3 Stories Up takes a unique look at how we view use storage units with the use of Veneered boards, the cabinets can be used as a standalone piece or stacked to 2 or 3. The key design feature is the brass inlay that separates the cabinets from one another and the juxtaposition with alternative inlay. Walnut and Brass are materials associated with traditional furniture, however the use of the materials fights tradition and utilise there natural characteristics

Designer: Jon Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Jon Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Mass Production
Material: veneered walnut, Brass

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table cuts


table cuts - Table is fully hand made and can be created with custom size and color. MDF, steel rods, polyurethane lacquer, anti-scratch cover

Designer: Lukasz Cendrowski (Poland)
Manufacturer: thisisminimal (Poland)
Material: MDF
Colours: white - any RAL color is possible
Dimension: height: 40 cm width: 70 cm depth: 70 cm
Price: 1100 EUR

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