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+EYE White Knight | Two Tone


Each +EYE White Knight ”Purple Two-Tone” is an unique handmade porcelain designer art toy in 3 different sizes, all in an exclusive gloss white lacquered chest. Each art toy individually hand painted with a historic decor, created in 1770.

Designer: andre fischer (Germany)
Manufacturer: KPM Berlin (Germany)
Material: handmade porcelain | handpainted
Dimension: size L (30cm), size M (20cm), size S (10cm)
Price: on request

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Tribù collection by Maison 203


The name itself, which means “tribe”, clearly conveys what was the inspiration underlying the project: Tribù, the collection designed by Matteo Zorzenoni for Maison 203 is inspired by the typical shapes and graphics of the tribal jewels of the African continent. They reveal decorations of great aesthetic impact, characterised by triangular shaped patterns made possible only thanks to the use of 3-D printing.

Designer: Matteo Zorzenoni (Italy)
Manufacturer: Maison 203 (Italy)
Inspired By: African tribal jewels
Material: sintered nylon
Colours: orange red, red, bordeaux, blu and black

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Hybrid Building


This case study design for a theatre building in Vienna is a combination of a modern musical hall, a hotel and a boarding house for students. The hybrid building consists of nine floors and a total floor area of 49.000m².

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)

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sideboard moskito by Whitesite


Depot for everything: a kind of extraterrestrial insect is recognizable in the outer form of the sideboard »moskito«. The corpus in laminated wood is floating on top of a steel frame. Available in chrome-plated steel or coated in different kind of RAL-colours (e.g. neon-yellow). The rack in black canvas is an eye-catcher and a welcome deposit in one.

Designer: Achim Beermann Made in Germany


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Clarke Collective


Our geometric hanging planter is perfect for herbs, small succulents and other indoor plants. Hang just one alone, or get many and make your own custom arrangements. They sit well flush or spaced out! These are a beautiful addition to any kitchen herb garden or living room that needs a bit life.

Each planter is backed with White Oak and has a hole for hanging. The planter comes with a perfectly fit screw, although you can use any nail or screw you'd like.

Designer: Tracy Clarke & Bucky Clarke (United States)
Manufacturer: Clarke Collective (United States)
Material: Clay and White Oak wood
Colours: This planter is available in White and Black
Dimension: 6
Price: $60 (USD)

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Organic Cotton white Poka Dot Dress


100% organic cotton white with red poka dot dress with vintage buttons and zip.

Designer: Salty Philip (Ireland)
Manufacturer: Lynn MacPherson (Ireland)
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Colours: White
Price: 80

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simple bookshelf


Simplicity appears not in the form, but rather in the construction of the furniture. It was designed to avoid complicated connections. The bookshelf consists of two kinds of elements, that can be put together without the need of fixing or extra linking parts. The shelf is made of two materials, large, light colored pinewood, that provides the form, and small oak rods for sustainment. A slight contrast remains between the two materials in the form, as well as in the color.

Designer: Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop
Manufacturer: Lukacs Szederkenyi (Hungary)
Inspired By: minimalism
Material: pine wood, oak wood
Colours: natural wood colour
Dimension: 1,60m x 2,00m but modular
Price: 250 Euros + transfer fee

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A love grenade


War is destructive and cruel; it will mercilessly take away life and laughter. We don't hear the deafening explosion when a“love grenade" is thrown out; instead we see love all over the place.
Starting now, you can do something for antiwar and peacekeeping. Convert your love to change and save it in a“love grenade". Then donate it to those who are in the war zone through antiwar group. It will help bring peace to the world.

Designer: Owen Chuang & Cloud Lu (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: biaugust creation office (Taiwan)

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The different piece of jewellery for city-dweller, village-beauty, world-stroller, western-hero, night-dreamer, sleepwalker, princess of jewellery, wordacrobat, lucky charm, and you.

Identity – stainless steel and precious stone.


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OAHU chair


Designed to be as sculptural as it is ergonomic, the OAHU chair's angled seating planes combine back support with a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic.

Designer: Matt Clark (United States)
Manufacturer: Uahu Design (United States)
Inspired By: Japanese and mid-century modern design
Material: MDF or Plywood
Colours: natural
Price: 425 USD

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