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Erzetich Headphone Amplifiers


Three of Erzetich’s headphone amplifiers (Bacillus, Bacillus Tilia and Perfidus) have gone under the knife. While their entrails are mostly untouched, the most obvious difference is now their appearance. Acrylic front panels have been replaced by 7 mm thick aluminum that demanded a different graphic approach along with some other tweaks and upgrades on their exterior.

Designer: Blaz Erzetic (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Erzetich (Slovenia)
Material: aluminum, wood, electronics
Price: 499-999 EUR

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The Bibliochaise, which contains five linear metres of books, is mounted on wheels and is manufactured in 3 different finishes, in any colour one wishes it;
also for the leather cushions there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

Designer: .nobody&co. (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)

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Night Owl DIY paperlamp


Night Owl DIY paperlamp consists of a kit with everything you need to build the model.

Inspired by the origami art of folding paper figures, we combine modelling with illumination to design this original paper craft lamp.
Whether the paperlamp is lit or turned off, it will certainly be an eye catcher.

For more details go to:

Designer: OWL paperlamps (Portugal)
Manufacturer: OWL paperlamps (Portugal)
Inspired By: Origami animal figures
Material: High quality 160g paper
Colours: Colour palette with 9 colours available
Dimension: 38,5cm tall
Price: 35,9

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The Rok Collection has been designed exclusively by Jim Hamilton for Knightsbridge. The range of upholstered seating demands attention with its stylish design and large proportions, the collection embraces a chair, 2 seater settee, 3 seater settee and a 3 seater with chaise end.

The design of the collection complements workplace, corporate and hospitality environments making it ideal for breakout seating, reception areas, meeting rooms and waiting areas.

Designer: Jim Hamilton (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Furniture (United Kingdom)

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Xavier chair by David Fox for Fleming & Howland


Fleming & Howland have been making luxury leather furniture since 1780. Xavier is the first collaboration with award winning British designer David Fox. Traditional hand dying techniques are added to the leather my time served craftsman and Artisans. The look is classically stunning.

Designer: David Fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Fleming Howland (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Tradition, Equestrian saddlery
Material: Hand dyed
Colours: All
Price: P.O.A

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Tube Lamp Clock


The Tube Lamp Clock is an installation of 30 pneumatically moving Tube Lamps installed and steered as a digital clock. The moving lamps have an attractive effect on the viewers. It doesn’t only give you the time, it also offers you an amazing moment. The tube lamps can also be used individual for different purposes. The amount of light can be controlled by moving the light emitting tube in or out the outer tube by compressed air.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: pneumatics
Material: electronics, plastic
Colours: white, gray
Dimension: 6m x 1m x 3m
Price: euro 30.000

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Beautifully versatile, Bai reinvents the modern side chair by that blending fun with sophistication. The organic seat creates a classic look in a muted palette and a playful look with color.The convex and concave curves of the seat provide high-style and comfort, while the rounded edges and curved back provide an ideal resting spot for arms.

Designer: Ondaretta (Spain)
Manufacturer: HighTower Group (United States)
Material: Anthracite
Colours: Black, Grey, Silk, Marsala, Mint
Dimension: Sled - W 24 D 22 H 30.75 SH 1, 4 Leg - W 25.5 D 20.5 H30 SH 16

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Hideaway Storage Cube


A modern, stackable, colorful, sturdy wood storage cube for your vinyl record collection. Each storage cube is hand made from baltic birch plywood at our shop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

An acrylic door pivots and slides into a groove at the top of the storage cube, so you can open the cubes to display your vinyl collection, or close them up to keep dust out. Inside is big enough to fit just about any sleeve or boxed set out there.

Designer: Matthew Swaidan (United States)
Manufacturer: Simple Wood Goods (United States)
Inspired By: Record Collectors
Material: Baltic Birch
Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Black, Clear
Price: $80 US

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The lounge chair TAKAHASHI is designed as an homage to the aesthetics and craftsmanship of Japanese culture. Functional and comfortable, cultivating quality with regards to form and function, unifying traditional and futuristic elements. Next to its grounded character it is an expressive piece of furniture. The pronounce form effectively contrasts the Asian influences and makes TAKAHASHI an avant-garde object. Crafted from solid ash, the lounge chair is launching October 1st 2016.

Designer: OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE (Anton Rahlwes) (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Material: Ash
Colours: black, sand, santorin blue
Dimension: lounge chair W110 x D120 x H96 cm, Ottoman W90 x D60 H 23/43 cm
Price: Lounge chair from 2.400 EUR, ottoman from 500 EUR

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Nest Collection


Nest boldly challenges the conventions of the traditional bar stool and sofa, melding the two together to create innovative upholstered high and low lounge seating. The Nest collection includes lounge sofas, chairs and tables in two heights, encouraging a more social atmosphere.The high sofa and chair were specifically crafted for just the right balance of structure and elegance, creating warm, inviting and comfortable lounge seating at new heights.

Designer: Form Us With Love (Sweden)
Manufacturer: HighTower Group (United States)
Material: Black powder coated steel

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