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GoGo seating


The GoGo range has been designed especially for Knightsbridge by John Coleman. The collection features a range of upholstered seating ideal for waiting areas, lounges, receptions and meeting room which are beautifully complemented by a selection of coordinating stools, lamp tables and coffee tables.

The clean stylish shape of the GoGo range is ideal for hospitality, workplace and corporate environments.

Designer: John Coleman (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Furniture (United Kingdom)

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Breck Collection


The Breck collection includes a lounge chair, ottoman and two tables, all at a low-lounge height. Breck is an endlessly reconfigurable collection that fosters an open-ended environment where choice and flexibility are on-demand. Find the same distinctive details in each piece, creating a cohesive style that can also stand on its own.

Designer: Most Modest (United States)
Manufacturer: HighTower Group (United States)
Dimension: Chair-W33 D31 H33.25 SH17,Ottoman-W33 D22 SH16.5,Table (Wide)-D27.5 H16,Table (Thin)-D19.5 H16

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Mod Footstools - NORTHERN SOUL


Beautiful footstools that standout in any room.

Designer: Mike Ritson (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Mod Culture
Material: Vinyl Leatherette
Colours: Various
Price: 145 GBP

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Vanille Lamp


Vanille lamp is entirely made of aluminum painted in various colors. It will be presented at the next Maison et Objet. LED lighting

Designer: Andrea Fino (Italy)
Manufacturer: Sand & Birch Design (Italy)
Inspired By: Flower
Material: alluminium
Colours: variuos
Dimension: 190 cm

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Kumiko Coffee Table


The Kumiko Coffee Table was influenced by the study of traditional Japanese shoji screens and the many patterns that have been used to decorate shoji screens for centuries. The table incorporates the asa-no-ha pattern in a decorate stripe down the middle of the table. The asa-no-ha pattern has been used on everything from textiles, weaving, dying, and woodwork as a symbol of growth. 280 individual pieces were cut and fit by hand to form the pattern.

Designer: Jon Billing (United States)
Material: Black locust, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Glass
Dimension: 30

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Imperfection in Perfection


No straight lines, amorphous, just imperfect in perfection. This is what the shelf reflects: A touch of human made.

The paper pulp material is sensitive during drying phase, but incredibly strong after hardening. Perfect to carry heavy books. Under the maxim of a careful and sustainable use of resources I developed this shelf, consisting of rectangular individual elements. The shelf presents itself in reduction and simplicity of the pure material, the recycled paper waste.

Designer: Franziska Volmer (Germany)
Material: Paper Recycled paper waste Glue

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Mixed medias
Les Réalisateurs/Esbanm/ Audencia/CultureInterfaces
Photo Claire Soubrier
© ADAGP, Paris 2016

Designer: Max BOUFATHAL (France)
Manufacturer: Max Boufathal
Material: wood, cardboard,
Dimension: H190cm/L106cm/l100cm

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Joan Meeting Room Assistant


An elegant meeting room scheduling solution with the impeccable electronic paper display. It connects to WiFi, existing calendars and is so energy-friendly you can use it for months on a single battery charge.

Organizing busy office life can be as easy as a touch of a screen.

Designer: Visionect (Slovenia)
Material: Electronic paper
Colours: Slate Gray and Graphite Black
Dimension: 6,7'' x 4.1'' x 0,4''
Price: 349

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Chairs stacked in sunset colours


Designed by o4i design studio based in Sweden, by awarded Scandinavian designers Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström these super light and well balanced chair brings the best out of molded plywood: with a minimum of material and a maximum of strength, comfort and style. ZESTY chairs are available in any RAL colour and will add a colourful accent to any living space. Because of it's characteristics and weight- just as little as 3 kg, ZESTY chair is stackable up to 15 pieces.

Designer: o4i studio (Sweden)
Manufacturer: PLYCOLLECTION (Latvia)
Inspired By: Beautiful colours of sunset
Material: pressed plywood
Colours: any RAL colour

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Tregola Reception Desk


Tregola Reception Desk has been created with some folding, bending and twisting design formations which based on triangular geometry. Our goal is to make minimalist form which reflects dynamism and simple geometry with unbroken design form.

We have created flowing connections between symmetrical and asymmetrical fluid lines.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 2600x820x900 mm

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