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BLOKE by Gerard de Hoop


Concrete garden bench BLOKE. Bench BLOKE consist of 4 parts. The Golden Ratio is used to get the proper proportions.

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Evolve (Netherlands)
Material: concrete
Colours: grey
Dimension: Length: 210 cm Depth: 90 cm Height: 77 cm

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The Reversor is a machine that makes an irreversible action reversible. When you are hesitating to cut a tree, use this machine. By pulling the handle you bring the felled tree back in its original position.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (New Zealand)
Inspired By: Nature and machines
Material: steel
Colours: green
Dimension: 2 x 2 x 3 meter

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Design spirits from the back of beyond in Germany


German-based new founded distillery 1113 produces noble spirits and schnapps exclusively hand crafted and required a fundamental design for the company. The solution was delivered by Berlin-based agency Werksdesign with logo, complete corporate design and the luxurious glass bottle. Puristic linear bottle design and the irregularities on the glass surface emphasize the high-quality spirits, which are well known and appreciated in the gourmet cuisine within short time.

Designer: Volker Schumann (Germany)
Manufacturer: distillery 1113 (Germany)

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SATELLITE by Quentin de Coster


A series of minimal lights exploring the harmony that emanates from the connection of basic cylinders.

Designer: Quentin de Coster (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Van Den Weghe ITEMS (Belgium)
Material: Black or white marble
Dimension: W6 x D5 x H30
Price: 650 exVAT

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Haptic by ThinkLab is re-defining space


The Haptic screen is an innovative volume creator and spatial divider. Whether creating rooms within rooms or buffering hard surfaces, Haptic defines spatial boundaries while tackling the hard tasks of noise attenuation and privacy.
With the versatility of wall hanging, ceiling mounted, straight, curved or wave shapes and countless possible variations in pattern and colour it does double time as a credible decorative element.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: ThinkLab by Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: PET Acoustic Felt
Colours: various - see website
Dimension: various - see website
Price: various - see website

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3D Masks


Downloadable plans and instructions for 3D Masks.

Designer: AwesomePatterns (United States)
Manufacturer: AwesomePatterns
Material: Paper, digital

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UN Divided Furniture System


Design studio StokkeAustad and Norwegian brand Elementa have developed a new system to easily set up, expand and move workspaces. The central idea of the UN Divided system is a simple trestle made in tubular steel. With one module it is possible to support almost any type of table top size and shape. You can also build shelving, simple storage - and produce complete office landscapes.

UN Divided trestles will be available both individually and as complete desks, meeting tables and shelves.

Designer: StokkeAustad (Norway)
Manufacturer: Elementa (Norway)
Material: Steel and MDF

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Archipelago Cabin


On a tiny island in the Åbo archipelago, Finland, a five person family let Lumberloon design and manufacture this microcabin instead of putting up a tent every year. The cabin is easy to put up and down because of the innovative aluminum/gluebeam/polycarbonate construction.
The cabin is 12m² with two 4m² sleeping lofts that easily gives room for two adults and three children.

Designer: Ben Fredriksson (Finland)
Manufacturer: Lumberloon Ab (Finland)
Material: Plywood, aluminum, polycarbonate and gluebeam
Dimension: 6x2 meters

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Spekta by David Fox


Designed by renowned designer David Fox, Spekta is the latest newcomer to Knightsbridge’s expanding workplace furniture portfolio.
The collection, formally known as Jentle, crafted in solid oak wood is available in as a 4 leg version or a swivel base. Its panelled back offers comfort and ergonomic support promoting workplace wellbeing.
This beautifully styled range enhances a variety of workplace and corporate environments including boardrooms, breakout spaces, social rooms and meeting rooms.

Designer: David Fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Furniture (United Kingdom)

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Tomar Chair from the Age of Iron Collection


The Tomar Chair (1/1) is inspired by the Celts, who are attibuted with the introduction of metallurgics to Europe. The chair is made of Blacken wrought iron and brass insets on the inside.

Designer: Baltasar Portillo (El Salvador)
Manufacturer: Baltasar Portillo (Portugal)
Inspired By: Medieval Era
Material: wrought Iron Brass insets
Colours: blacken metal, gold
Dimension: 58 x 75 x 52 centimeters

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