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The Cabinet Chaos reinvents the concept of "door" with a series of geometric lines in an elastic material made for the occasion. A stylized model that intrigues and invites interact with and to live a new experience.
Its permeable and elastic skin, can store books, computers and all kinds of objects. In addition, it generates a facade that allows you to view objects stored in a fragmented way. Video

Designer: Alessandro Criscito (Chile)
Material: MDF Laminate, elastic tape, metal.
Dimension: 181 cm wide, 62 cm high and 44 cm deep.

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balcony bird feeder


The 'birdball' is simply hooked on your balcony railing. The 'ballcony' collection is a family of ball shaped railing accessories for urban balconies.
Das Futterhaus 'birdball' aus der 'ballcony' Kollektion des Berliner Labels rephorm wird einfach an's Balkongeländer gehängt.

Designed in Berlin, Made in Brandenburg

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: rephorm (Germany)
Inspired By: urban nature
Material: recyclable PET
Dimension: 30cm diameter

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Erzetich Headphone Amplifiers


Three of Erzetich’s headphone amplifiers (Bacillus, Bacillus Tilia and Perfidus) have gone under the knife. While their entrails are mostly untouched, the most obvious difference is now their appearance. Acrylic front panels have been replaced by 7 mm thick aluminum that demanded a different graphic approach along with some other tweaks and upgrades on their exterior.

Designer: Blaz Erzetic (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Erzetich (Slovenia)
Material: aluminum, wood, electronics
Price: 499-999 EUR

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