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R&D CORE is revolutionising in-store shoe retailing and delivering powerful business analytics with its multi-awarded SOLEPAD SYSTEM solution! Boosts retail sales, monitors footfall and captures insightful data to help you build a better business. You can now understand what is happening throughout the complete sales cycle, including why a customer did not buy.

Designer: R&D CORE Design Team (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: R&D CORE Limited

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The nest of Yellow Owl : Mum Building


Entirely covered with black brick, the building has a twisted rectangular shape, and its entrance defined by the incised surface of the distorted structure makes it difficult to distinguish between the front and the back. To block out the excessive light flowing into the upper floors, the architect designed lintels to be closed gradually rather than installing smaller windows on those floors.

Designer: Wise Architecture (Korea, South)

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Moon furniture collection


“Moon” is a furniture design collection consists in a table, chair and armchair made of oak with open-pore matte black finish. “Moon” is in production at Kountry in Suzhou – Jiangsu, China

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Kountry (China)
Inspired By: Chine style
Material: wood
Colours: black

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Remus lounge by David Fox for Parla Design


Remus is a lounge chair, designed for hotel or corporate use. Injection moulded foam upper bodies join almost invisibly to wooden legs.

Designer: David Fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Parla Design (Turkey)
Inspired By: Luxury Goods
Material: Wood and upholstery
Colours: All

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Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, inspired by Belting Leather, experimented with slicing and stretching it. Tratto is a new screen with stretched CNC cut Belting Leather held in traction within an aluminum frame. The interesting play of positive and negative space affords space separation without blocking light or sight lines and is materially efficient since it stretches the leather to more than twice its length.

Designer: Emanuela Frattini Magnusson (United States)
Manufacturer: Spinneybeck (United States)
Material: Belting Leather
Colours: 26
Dimension: Varies

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Dras Phone


Modern smartphones have grown in size as users require a larger screen to interact with, which simultaneously compromises a smartphone's portability; the DRAS phone has been designed to address this issue. The design incorporates a flexible screen without a solid frame around it so that it can be unfolded to a highly compact standard phone format that allows the user to check his messages, the time, the weather, etc. or, it can be folded to a mini-phone that is the perfect format for a pocket.

Designer: R&D CORE Desgin Team (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Uplond (United Kingdom)
Dimension: 107x75x7mm
Price: TBA

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Parrot DIY Paperlamp


Parrot DIY paperlamp consists of a kit with everything you need to build the paperlamp.

Inspired by the origami art of folding paper figures, we combine modelling with illumination to design this original paper craft lamp. Whether the paperlamp is lit or turned off, it will certainly be an eye catcher.

Each paperlamp model is a DIY papercraft kit, including a full cut out paper model and a base with electrical accessories.

Designer: OWL paperlamps (Portugal)
Manufacturer: OWL paperlamps (Portugal)
Inspired By: papercraft animals figures
Material: high quality 160g paper
Colours: Colour palette with 9 colors available
Dimension: 70 cm tall
Price: 41,90

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KUTO poufs by Kumeko Design


The Kuto is a range of poufs. With the name derived from a Finnish word ‘kutoa’ meaning to weave, Kuto is inspired by traditional Nordic weaving and basket-making techniques. The padded outer bands are intricately woven together in a taught and sculptural pattern. Available in two different forms, as a stool or an ottoman and in four different colours that evoke the imagery of Nordic nature. Assembled by hand in Berlin Kuto is made from sustainable materials sourced from European suppliers.

Designer: Alexandra Fefelova
Material: 100% wool upholstery fabric
Colours: Pine Forest, River Stone, Misty Morning and Winters Day

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Agenda 2017 I'm Feeling Lucky


For each week of 2017, this personal organiser will reveal a collection of some of the most frequent searches made using the world's most popular search engine. Often silly or surprising, these searches offer insight into other people's lives, reflecting the concerns of our society.
The agenda contains additional pages for your personal notes, as well as lots of useful information, including holidays, world maps, conversion tables and monthly planners, plus a few nice little surprises.

Designer: Julie Joliat (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: DZA (Germany)
Material: paper
Colours: red, blue, green, yellow
Dimension: 12 x 19 cm
Price: 25

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Natural balance - Ultimate Self-Watering Flowerpot


The Natural Balance is a flowerpot with a water reservoir, that feeds the plant gradually throughout the weeks. When empty, the pot tips slightly, to let you know that a refill is needed. Simply refill it, and the flowerpot returns to its upright position. Made by Studio Lorier in the Netherlands. here at kickstarter

Designer: Sander Lorier (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio Lorier (Netherlands)
Price: 35

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