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The Tree Radiator


Developed after extensive research and customer feedback, the design of this radiator appeals to those looking for a sleek, high-end heating appliance, without the unachievable price-tag. Inspired by Nature, the radiator is unique, eye-candy and functional. Manufactured from stainless steel, the radiator is ideal for those, who are looking for artistic style in their bathroom, and are bored with the same old straight and curved ladder radiators.

Designer: Kylie (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: QS Supplies (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: Stainless Steel
Colours: Chrome
Dimension: 42 x 36 inches (Width x Height)
Price: £750

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Mag container


Mag is a container in integral polyurethane and it is soft!  Container or waste paper basket conceived for the office, for the bathroom but also for the livingroom or bedroom.
With a simple gesture it can be closed thanks to two magnets moulded within the material.

Designer: alessandro di prisco (Italy)
Manufacturer: Geelli (Italy)
Material: integral polyurethane
Colours: Black, Bosco, Cotto, dove grey, Grigio Ombra, Light Grey, Sabbia
Dimension: cm Ø 19.5, h 27.5

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Diameter by Alessandro Criscito


Diameter, reinvents the concept of "door" with a series of diametrical lines in an elastic material made for the occasion, inviting a new experience when interacting with furniture. Its permeable and elastic skin, can store books, computers and all kinds of objects. In addition, it generates a facade that allows you to view objects stored in a fragmented way. The inner shelves in tempered glass 6 mm, allow you to see and reach the objects that are stored behind.
Video at Vimeo

Designer: Alessandro Criscito
Material: MDF Laminate, elastic tape, metal.
Dimension: Dimensions: 91 cm wide, 114 cm high and 44 cm deep.

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Aubergine Pillow - Comfort in a puff


An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small. Bring along the everyday comfort you deserve. The Aubergine Pillow is currently live and available for all who dream of catching the best of naps here at kickstarter

Designer: Hor Sue Xian, John Teo, Jacelyn Lau (Singapore)
Inspired By: Aubergines, eggplants, brinjals
Price: USD32

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MAG: The wallet made with a touch of magic


Traditional Wallets often carry more than what you really need, and minimal ones can’t seem to carry enough. here at kickstarter
What if you could carry exactly what you need, when you wanted to?
That was the motivation behind MAG: a modular wallet with a magnetic hinge that allows you to swiftly detach and reattach! We wanted to create something that was not only more intuitive with what you own, but also make the experience of accessing what was in your wallet almost magical.

Designer: Jexter, Jon, Jia En (Singapore)
Manufacturer: Allocacoc (China)
Inspired By: MAG wallet
Material: PVC lined fabric
Colours: Stone Grey, Ocean Blue, Scarlet Red
Price: $25 USD

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Quotidian Pen - The Worlds First Magnetic Propulsion Pen


The Quotidian Pen here at kickstarter is a minimalist ballpoint pen that features the world's first magnetic propulsion mechanism, which will change the way you see, use and fidget with a pen forever. The entire experience of the Quotidian Pen is brim-filled with surprises and is sure to fascinate. For the first time ever, instead of just clicking and uncapping a pen, the Quotidian Pen allows you to flick, spin and fidget to your heart's desire.

Designer: Wilmer Tay, Tony Chui, Yong Zi Fong (Singapore)
Inspired By: Magnets
Material: Brass and Aluminium
Colours: Gold and Silver
Dimension: 125mm without pen nib, 137.5mm with pen nib, diameter 10.8mm
Price: 64USD

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The Non-Wallet II


The Non-Wallet II is a Simple yet Beautiful Handmade Wallet. Everyday life is getting complicated day by day, we made the non-wallet series to make ours simpler and hope that it will help you simplify yours as well.

Designer: Jon (Australia)
Manufacturer: Volo Goods (Malaysia)
Inspired By: Minimalist
Material: Leather
Colours: Black, Pale Blue, Navy, Tan, Dark Brown, Brown, Maroon
Dimension: 7cm/2.75
Price: USD49.90

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