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BLICKFANG Deutschlands beste Fotografen 2016/2017


Fresh-off-the-press: The new issue of »BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen« for 2016/2017 is available now. This time the high quality coffee-table-book presents on 672 pages the status quo of professional photography in Germany. »BLICKFANG« offers orientation and inspiration. For art buyers, art and creative directors, editors, commercial clients and all photography enthusiasts.

More details:

Designer: Norman Beckmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: NBVD Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design (Germany)
Material: Paper
Colours: CMYK + Pantone 871c
Dimension: 672 pages
Price: 49,90 Euro

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Anaptár calendar


Anaptár is a unique, informative poster calendar. It is much more than a traditional calendar. It provides lots of information beside enumerating days: visualizing data on the Sun and the Moon in a new way the calendar shows the movement of these planets in the sky. Anaptár is the result of exceptionally meticulous work: all the versions made for various cities are different because the represented data are specific to the given city only.

Designer: Anna Farkas (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Anagraphic (Hungary)
Material: paper
Colours: cmyk
Dimension: 70 × 100 cm
Price: 40

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Gina / The smart coffee instrument


The first smart coffee instrument with a built-in scale and an app enables you to brew coffee with pour-over, immersion and cold drip.
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Designer: Luka Pirnat (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Goat Story (Slovenia)
Inspired By: Coffee brewing methods
Material: Stainless steel
Colours: black, white, steel
Dimension: H 345 x W 163 x D 135 / mm
Price: 165 USD

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Tax Consultancy Office


Often, the most exciting thing to see when entering a tax consultancy office it the latest edition of a law book. For one renowned tax consultancy office these days are over: it transforms its reception into a welcoming, comfortable lobby.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)
Material: wood
Colours: caramel-beige

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MAVEN WATCHES : Minimalist watches with an edge of personality


The Urban Nature collection presents you with modern city lifestyle with a touch of nature at its core. Born in the bustle of Hong Kong, we are inspired by our home where urban and natural landscape coexists in harmony. MAVEN watches are aesthetic, durable and blend-in for everyday use, yet keeping an edge of personality. The timeless collection does not only tells you time but walks through time with you.

Designer: Nathan LO (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: Inspired by our home, Hong Kong, where urban and natural landscape coexists in harmony
Material: Swiss ronda movement, Sapphire glass, 316L all stainless steel, Italian leather strap
Colours: Matte Black PVD / Brushed rose gold / Brushed champagne gold / Brushed silver
Dimension: 40mm diameter
Price: USD180 to USD200

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R&D CORE is revolutionising in-store shoe retailing and delivering powerful business analytics with its multi-awarded SOLEPAD SYSTEM solution! Boosts retail sales, monitors footfall and captures insightful data to help you build a better business. You can now understand what is happening throughout the complete sales cycle, including why a customer did not buy.

Designer: R&D CORE Design Team (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: R&D CORE Limited

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