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Lloyd-Loom-Chair in modern design. The seat is made of original Lloyd-Loom. Chair-legs made of natural oak. Modern-Loom-Collection by Blue Wall Design.

Designer: Sheppard

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Left handed 3D printed coffee cups,, ;)

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Material: ceramics (3D printed )
Colours: different colours
Dimension: 2 sizes 92mm x 102mm x 50mm 52mm x 62mm x 45mm

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Breeze Mooloolaba


Mooloolaba is a resort town on the southern coast of Queensland.The Breeze Apartments are located on the main beachfront promenade. It contains 33 apartments with Oceanfront views.The unique curvilinear design was inspired by the natural forms of the tidal estuaries nearby. The large balconies alternate between levels creating a rhythm on the façade. The façade is the result of a melding of concrete forms and perforated mesh panels. This creates a fluid effect.

Designer: Tony Owen Partners (Australia)
Inspired By: Ocean Waves
Material: Concrete

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Fluid in form, sculpturally organic in nature, 15|ELEVEN designed by Francois Papastefanou stirs the emotions of pure harmony, enticing conversation in any environment it inhabits. Individual, uniquely shaped blades are CNC cut from Woven Image recyclable PET Echopanel to create the three dimensional parametric 15|ELEVEN bench.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (United Arab Emirates)
Manufacturer: [urban]culturelab (Australia)
Material: EchoPanel
Colours: 6 Colours available
Price: On Request

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The Spring


The Spring design is an elegant overlapping circle between the rosette square shape and rectangular rounded corners handle. The handle protrudes slightly in the front and back, providing a comfortable grip.

Designer: Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera (Italy)
Manufacturer: Manital S.r.l. (Italy)
Material: zama
Colours: chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, matte bronze, white, black

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DUO - Ultimate Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus


DUO is a dual function minimalist ballpoint pen and stylus. With it's retracting nib, the DUO effortlessly transitions between writing on paper and on touch-screen devices. It is your ultimate companion in everyday tasks across all platforms.

Designer: 529 Studio (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: 529 Studio (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: minimal form with dual functionality
Material: Anodised 6082 Aluminium
Colours: Electric Blue, Satin Black, Gunmetal Grey, Copper Orange
Dimension: 132.5mm x 7.9mm
Price: £25

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