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The Ollie Chair


A shape-shifting seat that unfurls with a flourish and retracts with a simple pull of a string. The Ollie Chair is remarkably space-saving, can be customized for different aesthetics due to its replaceable tambour seat, and can be hung flat on a wall as an elegant storage alternative. To add, it is ergonomically engineered for comfort and suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. here at kickstarter

Designer: Jessica Banks and Pete Schlebecker (United States)
Manufacturer: RockPaperRobot (United States)
Inspired By: The Ollie Table
Material: Aluminum (powdercoated/anodized), stainless steel, gas springs, ABS, teak
Colours: white, black, silver base, teak tambour
Dimension: Height: 35
Price: (Expected MSRP) $450 USD

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Archetype Collection


Archetype Collection is a modern interpretation of signature, diamond, pearl and wedding ring – bringing them into the digital age.

Depending on the material, the rings can have different meanings. Nylon suggests a more playful and casual interpretation whereas metal gives the ring more importance and value.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Shapeways

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Segni Living Collection


Segni Living is the new idea for the Living area Zampieri, a graphic rhrythm, an original and light sign and a play of light and material combination for bookcase, kitchen chest, hutch and boiserie. The bookcase is an harmonious and airy variation of horizontal and vertical lines made with an aluminium frames with curve wood shelves like a tray.

Designer: Stefano Cavazzana (Italy)
Manufacturer: Segni Living (Italy)
Material: bronze satinized frame structure and the Claywood wood finishing for shelves

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Polar Play @ Ventura Lambrate


Vantot presents their new collection based on the newest possibilities in the world of LED lighting. Electrical current is still perceived as something frightening. But what would it be like if Low Voltage would be the new normal? Vantot experiments with shaping conductivity as innovative interior objects and ornaments instead of putting it away.

Designer: VANTOT (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: VANTOT (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Graphic patterns
Material: Copper
Colours: Copper
Dimension: 366 x 666 mm
Price: 850

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Metal C-Stone 2017


In cooperation with Sascha Kessel from Inno-coating, Peter Donders added an ultrafine layer of metal powder to the structure, which has been polished afterwards. Doing so, C-stone (2017) is not only usable inside and outside, but it also got a trendy metallic look. By reflecting its surroundings, the object at the same time disappears in it. Moreover it looks even more heavy than the one from carbon, but with only seven kilos it’s still incredible light. C-stone misleads people.

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders / Inno-Coating (Belgium)
Inspired By: Stone
Material: Carbon fiber + real metal coating
Colours: silver, bronze and copper
Dimension: 1640mm x 1150mm x 400mm 6kg fiber + 1 kf metal
Price: on request

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Laccio is a new relief-patterned ceramic tile series, designed for Peronda Group by the design studio Dsignio.

Dsignio took the way in which birds build their nests as its source of inspiration, creating a surface decorated with a series of interlacing ribbons. These ribbons run from one tile to another, forming a fascinating interwoven pattern, emphasized by the slight relief texture of the tiles and colors of each ribbon.
Laccio has won the Best Tile Design of the Year by TTA Awards

Designer: DSIGNIO (Spain)
Manufacturer: Peronda Group (Spain)
Material: Ceramic
Colours: White, pale cement, grey cement, warm wood or stained white wood.
Dimension: 90 x 30 cm

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Cell - Maximum privacy and Hi-Tech equipment


Enchanting designs with shapes that accentuate the furniture's function, allowing you to freely experience and enjoy today's new living scenarios. Cell is a system of armchairs and sofas that respond to the new demands of daily life, designed to offer users both a public and, at the same time, a private space.

Designer: Dorigo Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Cell (Italy)

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Quasimodo, poetry in a table


Intuition, textured finishes and a great personality are the words to use to sum up the Quasimodo table. It is immediately eye-catching thanks to the unprecedented shape of its base and to its extremely modern textured mood. Quasimodo is a sculptural table, with significant styling yet concurrently a versatile look; this characteristic feature makes it suitable for all living room and contract settings at the medium to top end of the market.Ronda Design

Designer: Adriani&Rossi Edizioni (Italy)
Manufacturer: Quasimodo (Italy)
Material: painted metal base and black glass or brushed concrete top.
Dimension: 220 x 120 cm

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Gobi is a side unit where you can store your favourite things. It is both light yet sturdy because it is built with curved wood. Gobi is manufactured in Europe and hand-finished one by one, so you will be purchasing a unique item.
Invite Gobi into your house. It won’t bring its own drinks, but it will bring love.

Designer: Juan Tobares (Spain)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Inspired By: robos, toys
Material: wood
Colours: gray, mustard, natural wood, coral, blue,
Dimension: 40x55x30.5 cm
Price: 379

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Nosy - A night lamp that wants to wonder around


“Nosy” finds life so interesting and exciting that he takes every chance to explore. He comes with a cable like a dog leash stored in a box which also serves as his stepping box. This is like a stool to help him climb higher, see wider and shine more. With the cable plugged into a USB socket, he is a practical night lamp with a 5V LED lamp in his tummy but he is also my favorite travel companion, besides my wife.
View the Adventure of MY Nosy here :

Designer: Michael Ho (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: MH (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: Puppy Bull Terrier
Material: Polypropylene
Colours: Black and White
Dimension: 320mm L x 130mm W x 220mm H
Price: HKD750.00

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