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Alessandro Zambelli unveils new collection for Adele-C


Alessandro Zambelli's talent and design sensitivity meet the aestethic universe of the brand founded by Adele Cassina: the designer unveils his new collection of furniture designed for the Italian company Adele-C, composed of a dining table, coffee table, seat and armchair.
The collection is an iconic family of furniture expressed via an original lexicon, made up of innovative symbols united by a spectacular and visionary plasticity.

Designer: Alessandro zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Adele C (Italy)
Inspired By: Italian sense of beauty
Material: wood, metal, leather

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discoid furniture


Common furniture are based on a cube. But - why not using simple slices that lean against a rear wall?

Designer: tpunktr (Germany)
Manufacturer: diy
Inspired By: stacks of wooden panels or gypsum plaster boards on building sites leaning agains walls
Material: any wooden material
Colours: all colors you wish to combine
Dimension: various - according to your needs

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The Lasso Sock kickstarter campaign


Whether it is a day at the office, a casual evening or a weekend away, the Lasso Sock was designed to provide comfort and security for every man. For the first time ever, men will be able to enjoy a stylish sock fit for any occasion that will stand up to consistent wear that will also stay up where it should for the length of the day. The innovative lasso loops above the calf, securing the sock in place, insuring the proper coverage whether standing, sitting or relaxing with crossed legs.

Designer: Sebastien Grey (United States)
Manufacturer: Sebastien Grey (United States)
Price: $1

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Foscarini Presents New Collections for NYCxDesign 2017


For NYCXDesign, Foscarini has turned its flagship showroom in the Soho Design District into an artful installation by Ferruccio Laviani to debut the new 2017 lighting designs. Series of dark and stern panels face visitors when they enter the space, spelling out Foscarini in oversized red letters. As guests walk inside, they will see the reverse side of the panels lined with a collage pattern, revealing the new products.

Designer: Foscarini
Manufacturer: Foscarini

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Penthouse V


In the course of the revitalisation of the former Werzer cinema in Pörtschach, which was designed by the well-known “Wörthersee-Architect” Franz Baumgartner, parts of the roof truss were raised to make room for a spacious penthouse.

The design concept is inspired by structures, textures, and the dynamics of roofscapes. It also pays tribute to a specific feature of Austrian post-war architecture by incorporating milled eternit façade panels as furniture fronts.

Designer: destilat

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Arper making its NYCXDesign Debut


Participating for the first time in NYCXDesign, the Italian furniture brand has partnered with Sight Unseen, who will curate settings that showcase the launch of new Arper seating collections Cila and Arcos, designed by Lievore Altherr.

Like-minded brands participating to round out the styled vignettes include Brooklyn-based Studio Proba, providing handmade rugs with subtle geometric patterns and monochromatic colors, with accents and accessories from Good Thing.

Designer: Arper (Italy)
Manufacturer: Arper

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Whale Dining Table and Stools.


Reclaimed wood dining table with 4 matching bar stools.
Whale designs tattooed on the table and stool backs.

Designer: Shipyard, Ink. (United States)
Manufacturer: Shipyard, Ink. (United States)
Inspired By: Moby Dick. Herman Melville.
Material: Wood.
Colours: Natural wood and dark brown.
Dimension: Table: 70
Price: $1400 U.S.

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Zubya Seat & Coffee Table by Nüvist


Zubya explores the relationship between the table and the seat. It is intended for multi-functional use as a seat, a coffee table, a structural object or even a art piece to touch. It represents exploring the forces of motion with dynamic geometry of a fluid volume which has been created curvy and fluid lines.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 55x50x45 cm

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Go Pop by Tom Love


The 'Go Pop!' screenprinted series brings to life, Design Director, Tom Love's collection of vintage bottle caps, in the form of wall art. It recognises the striking graphic narrative of the 20th Century and explores the relationship between consumerism, art and graphic design.

The series respects the textures and stories that the aged bottle caps tell, with each detail of the original bottle cap meticulously reproduced for print.

Designer: Tom Love (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Tom Love (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: 20th Century design narrative
Material: The highest quality archival paper
Dimension: 500mm x 500mm
Price: £80

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Reptile mini By David Fox for Deberenn


Reptile mini is part of the Reptile family of products. The collection includes armchairs lounge chairs and side chairs.

Designer: David fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Deberenn (Turkey)
Inspired By: Reptiles
Material: steel polyurethane foam
Colours: All

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