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Thanks for all the fish


Whether homemade cookie or glacé fruits, hot chocolate or fervid wine punch: Thanks for all the fish. is the perfect ground. Because what powder snow means to joy in winter sports, the Ilmgold collection means to your holiday feast. Populate your table for presents this year with festive reindeer, clumpsy penguins and a lot of fish.

Designer: Laura Straßer (Germany)
Manufacturer: Ilmgold (Germany)
Material: Porcelain
Price: 69 EURO

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Levitate office system


Levitate is a professional office system that takes a lot of cues from residential furniture design. This is embodied by the chosen materials and soft form language, but also in the way how it can easily be adjusted and personalized with a range of accessories and additions. Levitate was introduced to the public during Orgatec 2016 in Cologne.
The desk with its characteristic wooden legs can be equipped with upholstered panels, a drawer unit and a 3rd level storage cabinet.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Nowy Styl Group (Poland)
Material: wood, melamine, fabric, steel

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Dodó is the bed that DSIGNIO has designed for Mobenia. The feeling of quietness that a horizontal line generates is the starting point for designing this new bed.
Dodó can be found in different natural wood finishing, upholstered or lacquered in colours, and they can also incorporate a light between the slats of the headboard which creates an interesting atmosphere.
Different pieces of furniture complete the set, with diverse varieties and sizes of small tables, dressers and chests of drawers.

Designer: DSIGNIO (Spain)
Manufacturer: Mobenia (Spain)
Material: Natural wood finishing, upholstered or lacquered
Colours: Different colors
Dimension: Different dimensions

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Popek By Whatshisname


A limited edition squatting balloon dog statue, inspired by Jeff Koons.
The fiberglass sculpture is finished in a brilliant, high gloss red or black, and the vibrant color (as well as the artistic statement) of this playful piece makes Popek impossible to miss.

Limited Edition of 300 small Popeks (200 red, 100 black) and 100 medium (50 of each color). Larger (4 ft) version also available. Contact us for details.

Designer: Whatshisname (United Kingdom)
Material: Polyurethane Resin
Colours: red, black

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F&M Retail Corporate Design & Fair Stand


Simple develops Corporate Design for F&M Retail and designed stand, website, image brochure, stationery. Creative principle is a “room corner” – where wall, ceiling and floor meet seamlessly. At EuroShop 2017, surfaces such as concrete, rubber granules, solid wood along with corporate colors create a three-dimensional collage of materials. The folding ruler is showcased as space-defining curtain, give-away, interactive game. Paying tribute to the corporate color, red Bitterinos awaited visitors. photocredit: Martin Müller, Berlin & Simple GBMH

Designer: Simple GmbH (Germany)
Manufacturer: F&M Retail (Germany)
Material: concrete, rubber granules, solid wood
Colours: red

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Breuninger Customer Service


The new customer service of the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger in Stuttgart addresses all concerns of its customers in an area of over 300 square metres.

The philosophy of the department store – exclusive service – is translated into a clear, functional design with quality materials and lovely details.

Designer: DIA Dittel Architekten

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An installation that captures shifts between work and life


With the lines blur between work and living spaces, Arper presented their interpretation of this trend with an elaborate stand design at Salone del Mobile 2017. Named Together, the stand resembles the shape of a pizza that enables visitors to stroll through larger collaborative areas and modular rooms, all surrounded by a striking geometric shell and ceiling. Because each room has its own unique facade and ceiling structure, they can be interpreted as stand-alone architecture in themselves.

Designer: Studio Maio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Arper

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Flotte Lantern


The Flotte Lantern is an elegant pendant light that emits a soft, delicate
white glow. Whether suspended in trees, along trellises, or lighting
internal walkways, the sensual curve takes its cue from celebratory
floating paper lanterns. Flotte comes in three forms featuring a delicate
cross worked pattern imitating the soft drape of fabric.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Inspired By: Celebratory floating paper lanterns and a unique client brief
Material: Polymer

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