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Foscarini transforms its Milan showroom


Foscarini’s Birdie lamp collection is inspired by the natural and delicate silhouette of a young sapling balanced on a thin tree branch. To celebrate Birdie and summertime in Milan, lamp designers Roberto and Ludovica Palomba created The Birdie Garden – a new installation transforming Foscarini’s Brera showroom into a whimsical experience. Birdie is incorporated throughout three different scenarios that bring to mind the light, romantic atmosphere of an Italian garden.

Designer: Roberto and Ludovica Palomba
Manufacturer: Foscarini

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Project Floor Area Ratio Game


This land is a class 2 general residential area, so an architect can build a building with a 60% the building to-land ratio and a 200% floor area ratio. It is common to design a three-story building with a 60% building-to-land ratio and to design the fourth floor with a 20% building-to-land-ratio. However, the land area (142㎡) was so small that 20% of the area was only 28.4㎡. We tried to maximize floor area ratio to meet what the building owner required without any loss.

Designer: ON Architecture INC. (Korea, South)

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