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Arper helps furnish Ernst & Young's New Headquarters in Milan


Through a strategic partnership with DEGW, Arper beautifully furnish the Ernst & Young HQ in Milan with their signature soft office aesthtic. As the line between home and office blurs for the tech-savvy millennials inhabiting the building, Arper delivered spaces to encourage co-creation an efficient work environment that accommodates over 2,500 employees with 1,200 non-territorial workstations.

Designer: Arper (Italy)

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The Modular Watch Experience


Our watch gives creative expression + maximum functionality. Um?
#1 Build Whatever – We took the “build whatever” experience Lego created, put it in a watch, and let you Create your watch by choosing from a selection of dials, bases, bezels & straps.
#2 The Transformation - Because our watch is modular, all components are interchangeable. If your current watch design doesn't fit the outfit/event, switch out any part for something more complementary!

Kickstarter Project here

Designer: Vanessa Tan, Joey Goh, Javier Ang (Singapore)
Manufacturer: - (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: Lego! (Create whatever you like, transform whenever you want)
Material: Wide selection
Colours: Wide selection
Dimension: -
Price: S$258 (basic set)

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Parametric Chess Game


Students at the University of Arts, Braunschweig create a parametrically designed and chess game. The task was to conceive a complete set of chess figures from a single algorithmic definition, yet each individual figure should exhibit distinct individual characteristics. The students were asked to depart from the classical notion of chess figures and reduce their particular features to a selection of essential parameters. After a selection process one set was chosen, refined and 3D printed.

Designer: Students (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Material: Acrylic / ABS
Dimension: 30 cm * 30 cm
Price: -

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ENCHANTED SOUL - Each ring has its own soul


We Hide Mysteries Inside Our Wood And Resin Ring. Each ring is carefully created by hand and imparted with natural materials such as flowers, wood, moss, amber, corals, etc. The result makes each jewel look as if it contains its own hidden world. find here the kickstarter campaign.

Designer: Enchanted Soul (Canada)
Manufacturer: Enchanted Soul (Canada)
Inspired By: Natural landscapes
Material: Resin and Wood
Colours: All
Price: $59 USD

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Black and Colhours


Dsignio has designed and developed a watch for Colhour Watches characterized by combining live colors with black. Dsignio has looked for clean and timeless lines to create a colorful collection where the combinations of its parts allow a large number of possibilities.
The watch´s black alloy case houses a Japanese Seiko PC 215 movement and it guarantees a type of water resistance of 3Atm. Dsignio has also designed strong silicone straps in various colors so the users can customize their watch.

Designer: DSIGNIO (Spain)
Manufacturer: Colhour Watches (Spain)
Material: Alloy and silicone.
Colours: several colours
Price: 50

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Token identity ring - to access everything

Token lets you live securely in a digital world. One ring to access everything. Token is your password, house key, credit card, car key, access badge and transit card.

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