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Foscarini Launches a New Photo Series Celebrating Summer


In the spirit of the lively and lush summer season, Foscarini has commissioned Italian artist/photographer Gianluca Vassallo to produce a special photo series incorporating whimsical Foscarini lamps into the stunning landscapes of Sardinia.
With this original artistic project, Foscarini reinforces its role as a company to address art, creativity and design culture above and beyond products.

Designer: Foscarini (Italy)

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Flloat Tea Set


iAN Yen & Design YXR rethink about the culture of Chinese tea from philosophy to shape for project YEN OBJECT.

Designer: iAN Yen & Design YXR (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: YEN OBJECT (Taiwan)
Inspired By: china culture
Material: iron and wood
Colours: black
Dimension: 300mm x300mm x 300mm
Price: 650 USD

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wooden table lamp MOB WOOD PASTEL


The tendency of pastel lasts in our interiors to create delicacy and softness. For the new WOOD PASTEL range, we have chosen the powdery pink which is timeless and changes the ambiance of a room by its simple presence. With the trend of the scandinavian style, the ice blue has returned in force to bring a wind of freshness in the middle of an interior colored of beige, taupe and raw wood. The pale green is both invigorating and warm to fit with pure colors to create astonishing contrasts.

Designer: C+P Carpentier (France)
Manufacturer: (France)
Material: ash wood, ABS, PET cable
Colours: light pink, ice blue, almond green,
Price: 248,00

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Runa Desk by. Nüvist


The studio has designed a collection which includes table and seating. The collection explores the relationship and dialogue between the table and the seat furniture with the same formal language. Runa were morphed with combination of formal manipulations to create a new series of dynamic, hybrid form which has been applied the techniques of abstraction, movement and symmetry to bring life to a solid curvilinear form.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 208x115x75 cm

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The ORBANISM SPACE is the official digital hub of the Frankfurt Book Fair where digital content companies such as LinkedIn and digital influencers such as Amazon's former Chief Scientist Andreas Weigend meet. Besides 5 days of curated program it's an ideal hangout space where people have Wifi, can charge their phones and enjoy refreshments. GET YOUR TICKET HERE


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Reader Collection


Reader Collection is a collection of bed side lamps.
It is designed for people who enjoy reading in bed as well as working at their desk. The collection consists of six lamps available in cherry, oak and walnut combined with either stainless steel or brass.
The lamps express the elegant form and simplicity of use. The light can be easily adjusted to different positions which gives more direct or indirect light depending on the function we want to achieve.

Designer: Teodora Jevtic (Serbia)
Material: Cherry/oak/walnut combined with stainless steel or brass.
Dimension: H: 31,3cm / L: 25,5cm
Price: 130 euros per lamp

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Vintique Watch - Minimalist fashion watch


As an independent watch brand, we have devoting the past year to create our unique design. Our incredible timepiece possesses four elements: minimalist, stylishness, artistry and functionality.

The chronograph literally translated means “Time Writer”. We got inspiration from it, and selected it to be our first series. Our chronograph is individualized with the minimalist, stylishness, artistry and functionality.

Designer: Louis Leung (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: (Hong Kong)
Material: Japanese movement, sapphire glass, stainless steel case and double sided tapered soft leather strap
Colours: Black & White, Silver & RoseGold
Dimension: 39mm
Price: 130USD to 160USD

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Nomadic light AIR


Levitation and transparency, the suspension AIR amazes by its lightness and seems to hover in the air. A remarkable artisanal work associates the mouth blown glass globe with the ash wood base. You can use it wherever you want, for example to frame a headboard of a bed or as a table lamp.

Designer: C+P Carpentier (France)
Manufacturer: swabdesign (France)
Material: ash wood glass, linen
Colours: beige

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Stool // Accent-table


This sleek stool can be used as a stationary seat and also makes for a wonderful accent table to compliment your living interior. The concrete top is an equilateral triangle with solid wood legs that meet in the center.
(other woods available upon request)

Designer: Kyle Comeaux (United States)
Manufacturer: KOMOLAB (United States)
Inspired By: Geometries
Material: Concrete and solid walnut
Price: $650

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Mr.G designed by Evgeniy Kondratev


The Mr.G armchair designed by Evgeniy Kondratev mixes creativity and craftsmanship superbly. Nature was the inspiration for creating this chair. Graceful tree branches, cutting the blue sky into many small fragments, create a solid construction with clouds in the background. The steel threads form vertical and horizontal lines that give this design a strong graphic profile. Mr G is incredibly cozy and comfortable, you will feel relaxed and embraced.

Designer: Evgeniy Kondratev (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: Two.Six - Creative Design (Portugal)

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