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Inspired by the skeletal remains of organic forms, “All that Remains” is a parametric bench beautifully crafted from natural plywood suitable for corporate, hospitality and residential landscapes enticing conversation as a gallery piece in its own right.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (United Arab Emirates)
Manufacturer: [urban]culturelab (United Arab Emirates)
Material: 18mm Plywood with Oak face veneer
Colours: White Oak, Red Oak, Ash or Walnut face veneer
Dimension: 1978mm L x 730mm H x 1259 D

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Birchwood Cabinet


Cabinet covered with birchbark. A product made of natural materials found in nature. The cabinet has 14 boxes and is all around covered with birchbark

Designer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Werner Neumann (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: birchwood covered with birchbark
Colours: with/brown/black
Dimension: 2.20 x 50 x 1.50 m
Price: 20.000

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Tea Time


One warm spring afternoon,‘Tea time',Aniek Meelijk’s playful tea set, was born. On the garden table she sees more than her own tea set. She discovered that its shadows could not be separated from the shapes of the set and that they constantly played their own game with them.

Designer: Aniek Meeldijk (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Aniek Meeldijk (Netherlands)
Inspired By: shadow
Material: ceramics
Colours: white, delfst blue
Dimension: 20x25x25
Price: 1500

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Simple set


Set of streling silver nacklase and earrings.

Designer: Jana Hamrova (Czech Republic)
Material: sterling silver
Price: 60 Euro

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Forced is a study of the disformation of the human body to adhere to the ideal imposed by the fashion industrie and media. Forced shows the extreme forms of how we force ourselves into the ideal imposed on us regardless the negative consequences for our bodies. Forced holds up a mirror to society to reflect on what they are willing to do to answer to (fashion) expectations.

Designer: Juffrouw Mantel

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Soccer media solutions


Within an area of 500 sq m located in Santa Fe, México City, RIMA Architecture, made an interesting office complex centered on the functionality and aesthetics needs requested by the client.

Designer: RIMA Arquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 500 m2

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k101 handcrafted motorcycle


The k101 is a handcrafted motorcycle project by Impuls aka Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner in collaboration with the artists Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger. Based on the BMW K100 the team manufactured two unique and essential motorcycles with the artists. Through the complete new interpretation of the bike in terms of appearance and the custom manufactured parts both motorbikes become iconic and minimal artwork itself.

Designer: P. Wulk, M. Pittner, F. Gatermann, M. Edlinger (Germany)
Manufacturer: Impuls (Germany)
Inspired By: Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger
Price: on request

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Pico - Color Matching Device


Palette is about to launch a new device that finds the HEX value of any physical object. It's called 'Pico', and it's the world's smallest color picker.

We designed Pico for designers who want an accurate and sleek color tool to impress. It's also useful for interior designers and architects who specify paint colors: Pico also finds the best matching paint codes from all the major paint brands.

Pico costs $49 and is available to pre-order now (through

Designer: Djordje Dikic (Australia)
Manufacturer: Palette (Australia)
Inspired By: Color in the real world
Material: Brushed aluminium and plastic
Colours: Midnight black
Dimension: 60mm x 10mm x 15mm
Price: 49 USD

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Sitscape by Hackenbroich Architekten


The sitscape is a system for a lounge-landscape that is one metre wide and infinitely long. The simple construction principle of vertical sections connected by metal elements allows the configuration of different forms within this system. The sitscape will be sold by the “metre” and the costumers have the choice of various positions which can be combined in any sequence. The upholstery consists of a system of cushions that can be connected in multiple ways to cover the favourite zones of the sitscape.

Our prototype for the sitscape is six metres long. It has been developed for a specific user and is based on six basic positions which provide a perfect fit. Between these specific positions the landscape forms smooth transformations for unexpected uses. Consequently, the sitscape provides familiar possibilities for relaxing and the transitional areas between these positions invite for new and unexpected possibilities, which will be discovered by the clients.

The main structural elements are the sections, which are digitally cut out of laminated wood or composite material. The connecting structure consists of aluminium spacers between the sections and metal thread rods that go through the sections. The rods are tightened by wingnuts and give the structural stability. Diagonal tension wires are spanned through the inner void of the sections and give the stability against the torsion forces. The most visible form generating elements take the main vertical loads while the hidden metal elements give the support for the horizontal and torsion forces. The sitscape therefore is in one direction massive and in the other direction light and almost dissolved.

Architects: Hackenbroich Architekten Made in Germany


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Modular Rug, WallPanel, Roomdivider, Curtain, Tablemat, Cushion, etc.

A unique 3D innovative textile modular system in geometric structures that can be assembled in any size or shape. Unlimited possibilities and applications.
Made from sustainable 100% wool felt. Ecofriendly - glue free;
Each design can be rearranged or reshaped as desired; even damaged pieces can be replaced.

Tailor-made handcrafted production makes each a one-of a kind design.

Designer: Mary-Ann WIlliams (Germany)
Manufacturer: Illu Stration by Mary-Ann Williams (Germany)
Inspired By: beermat
Material: felt, 100% pure new wool
Colours: over 30
Dimension: any size
Price: on request

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