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Vase Variations


multiple parametric variations on a parametric generated shape,,

multi shape, multi colors ,multi materials

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Material: polyamide ( PA) Alu, Bronze , Silver , Gold

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Magnetic Clock Blackhole


Concept of a magnetic clock designed by Josselin Zaïgouche (bozastudio), inspired by the immensity of space

Designer: Josselin Zaïgouche (France)
Inspired By: Space, Stanley Kubrick, Infinity, Blackhole, Star
Material: Plastic
Colours: black and white

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Tregola Lounge by Nüvist


We explore more usage function for Tregola Table form which has been created with some folding, bending and twisting design formations which based on triangular geometry. Our goal is to make minimalist form which reflects dynamism and simple geometry with unbroken design form.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 218x80x45 cm

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Small library roof. Available in all leaves of the known universe.

Designer: Carmelo Giacomo Calanni Rindina (Italy)
Manufacturer: Falegnameria Calanni Rindina (Italy)

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New Rug Collections by Maude Décor


Launched by a signature line of hand-painted rugs, Maude Décor bridges past, present and future with art that serves a purpose beyond the aesthetic. Functional and fun our goal is to transform with creations that engage and inspire.

Designer: Patricia Baun Made in Canada


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Molletta Chair


When one thinks of a clothespin they associate it with doing laundry, not with an interesting and modern piece of furniture, until now. The latest design out of the Florence Institute of Design to be realized is the Molletta Chair inspired by a clothespin.
“The paradoxical assembly implied in the design was influenced by the irony of the "Anti design”…, which redefined the desire to reshape and design objects which express a social context, idea and not only an aesthetic function.”

Designer: Hagar Bar-Gil (Israel)
Manufacturer: Spini Interni s..r.l. (Italy)
Inspired By: clothespin
Material: solid oak and curved plywood
Colours: white, black

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Approach Notebook System


The Approach Notebook is a simplistic, multi-functional notebook designed to streamline the user experience; forever changing the way you use a traditional notebook.

Designer: Gunho Kim (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: Approach (Korea, South)
Inspired By: Post Modernist
Material: Paper
Colours: Light gray, Navy, Black
Dimension: 3D
Price: $13 ~ $25

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We believe architecture can enrich daily existence and enjoy the process of exploring possibilities for change within the built environment. Nobbs Radford Architects is currently undertaking projects ranging from individual houses to more diverse medium density housing and apartment developments.

The studio approach places emphasis on working with clients to develop a specific design brief that responds to desired outcomes, detail, budget, design excellence and successful project delivery.

Designer: nobbs radford architects (Australia)

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Kanda Reception Desk by Nüvist


Nüvist’s new product Kanda Reception Desk derived from beauty of smooth forms found within the nature. Specially inspired and transformed from slot canyons in the nature world into Kanda's iconic fluid design. Straight and soft curves balance together to create continuous form. The resulting desk is inviting to visitors to explore forces of motion and lightness of space.

Designer: Nuvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 190x100x82 cm

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London Design Festival 2017 #LDF17

London Design Festival was conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans in 2003. Building on London’s existing design activity, their concept was to create an annual event that would promote the city’s creativity, drawing in the country’s greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to a deliver an unmissable celebration of design. The launch of the first Festival took place at Bloomberg on 25 March 2003, with a huge show of support from design, education, government and London organisations. The vision of London Design Festival is to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world; and as we enter the 2017 programme with the launch of the 15th edition, this vision remains ever strong.

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