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Macrocosmos by Alessandro zambelli


Fantasy creatures, born of alchemy, a genuine and overt tribute to the world of science fiction: it's Macrocosmos collection, the first line of furniture accessories that marks the official launch of Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni. Macrocosmos is a collection of vases and receptacles, conceived as little presences within the household. The result is pop art: an ironic and playful Macrocosm, at home in distant galaxies.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni (Italy)
Inspired By: science fiction
Material: Printed in 3D by fusion deposition modelling, plus brass
Dimension: different dimensions
Price: on request

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FITC Amsterdam 2018

FITC stands for ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.’ – four words that capture the essence of what our company and events are all about. We produce design and technology focused events worldwide that inspire, educate and challenge attendees. Since 2002, FITC has brought together like-minded professionals in Toronto, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and many other cities.


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Botanical Planter Screens


The Botanical Planter Screens by Helen Kontouris were inspired by visits to botanical gardens and the designer’s love of Australian native flowering plants. Intertwined with vigorous climbing plants – these versatile screens can be used indoors and out to bring the healing power of nature into urban environments. Each Botanical Planter Screen functions in the same way as a single, self-watering planter pot – keeping ongoing maintenance to a minimum.

Designer: Helen Kontouris (Australia)
Manufacturer: LEN (Australia)
Inspired By: Botanical Gardens in Australia
Material: Marine grade steel
Colours: Black, Olive Grey, Chrome Green, Wine Red, White
Dimension: 1200 wide, 1735 height, 300 Depth
Price: Contact

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Hotel MX Roma


As you stand in front of the multicolored reception booth, you realize you are on the edge of entering into a dreamlike mist.

A burst of color coming out to the sidewalk in contrast to the daily gray that is discovered by the walker from the neon color-schemes suggesting a fascinating interior atmosphere. In the corridors and the perimeter circulation we observe the originality in the materials, finishes and design that jump in front of our eyes preventing the opportunity of analysis.

Designer: DIN interiorismo (Mexico)
Dimension: 1,213 m2

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Colour Me 2018


Every week of this planner is brightened up by a colour theme. A scheme ranging from a Coral to a Cerulean Week, via an Azure to a Goldenrod Week. Get inspired by it and make your year colourful!

This year’s edition is bound in a new flexible way, allowing you to add or remove pages. It is printed on a new smooth and off-white paper that feels very pleasant to write on.

Designer: Julie Joliat (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Julie Joliat (Switzerland)
Material: paper, elastic
Colours: white
Dimension: 12 x 19 cm
Price: 25 euro

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Casa AR


Casa AR is the result of remodeling and extending a residence —in a 1,000 sq m lot constructed in the 80´s— located on the west side of Mexico City. The spaces in the original project had the potential that tilted the balance on keeping most of them and working on making the modifications and extensions necessary for the new program. The public areas had ample spaces, but much reduced ones on the private areas;

Designer: Arq. Jose Lew & Arq. Bernardo Lew (Mexico)
Dimension: 600 m2

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Graphic Design

Senior Graphic Designer Team Lead

Divimove GmbH  

Berlin, Germany
Divimove is Europes industry leader in the online video world...


Divimove is Europes industry leader in the online video world...



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PR Consultant Fashion Territory Spain

häberlein & mauerer ag  

Berlin, Germany
Are you a dyed-in-the-wool PR professional with experience in strategic consulting for clients in the Fashion field?


Are you a dyed-in-the-wool PR professional with experience in strategic consulting for clients in the Fashion field?


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Hiphop side table


These small tables with soft shapes fit together thanks to elegant cuts on each level. They can also be used separately. Solid but lightweight, they fit perfectly into environments with a contemporary approach, reconceptualising industrial styl

Designer: Splitstudio (Binaglia+Curcio) (Italy)
Manufacturer: Car-met group (Italy)
Inspired By: split things
Material: metal
Colours: white/ black/yellow
Dimension: 80x80x40
Price: 400

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Stand Ventura


Stand Ventura was part of one of the most important finishes trade fair in the United States and was done in 334.45 sq m. The client wanted to stand out by presenting a wide range of its collections and making clear for the visitor the difference between them.

Local 10 developed a design that invites the visitor in to discover the interior space walking through the ambiances created for each collection discovering different displays and isles that show the products in an sculptural way.

Designer: Local 10 Arquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 334.45 m2

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