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Tzero Table


Franco Eccel presents "Tzero Table" a range of tables, kitchen work surfaces and items for the bathroom made from HI-MACS®. Their most notable feature is their green credentials. Created from offcuts and surplus materials taken from major architectural projects they are given a second life in the form of individual pieces. Of special note is the "fragmented" pattern as well as the adhesives in contrasting colours, which highlight the fractures between the individual elements and their joints.

Designer: Franco Eccel (Italy)
Material: HI-MACS®
Colours: Alpine White, Banana, Concrete Grey, Fiery Red, Deep Indigo, Orange, Sapphire

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Primitive Kitchen Tool


Swedish designer Erik Bele Höglund’s Primitive Kitchen Tool for modern cavemen: The tool is constructed from HI-MACS®, a new-generation acrylic stone that is ultra-resistant and completely hygienic. Its pore-free surface prevents any build-up of waste or bacteria. It is made up of two pieces: a platter, with various hollows in which foods may be placed and prepared, and a “stone”, which has two functions: the sharp end, to slice and cut, or the blunt end of the handle, to crush and grind.

Designer: Erik Bele Höglund (Sweden)
Material: HI-MACS®
Colours: Alpine White, Dark Night

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children's pillow tent


Small inflatable Pillow Tent for indoor use in the Anthropologie shop in Seattle. The tent functions as a small playground for children, while the parents take a look at the products in the shop. The interior is made of soft colorful materials which create a cozy atmosphere so the children feel directly at home!

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: children
Material: textile
Colours: divers
Dimension: 4m. x 4m. x 2m.

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Touch of Time


Touch of Time is a digital clock that shows people time as we are used to, but also mirror wise for visibility from the other site and in negative view. Its running faster or slowing down and shows figures and patterns. The project, on show at the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: TecAir (Netherlands)
Inspired By: light, movement, pneumatics, urban display's
Material: electronics, aluminium, air
Colours: aluminium, white light,
Dimension: 10m. x 5m.

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Digital Print Table, Stockholm Furniture Fair


We were present at the 2018 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair from the 6th to the 10th of February, highlighting Thammada, the choreographic installation conceived and curated by the guest of honour Paola Navone.
The tables made by De Rosso in Digital Print by Abet Laminati pay homage to the pixel art and are characterised by a proper touch of originality, able to offer character and personality in perfect De Rosso Style

Designer: Roberto De Rosso, Paola Navone (Italy)
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl, Abet Laminati (Italy)
Inspired By: Paola Navone
Material: HPL Laminate

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Diantha, is one of the 11 lines that Alna by De Rosso offers of bathroom accessories. it's is fully componible. it offers a range of ceramic accessories that are easily interchangable thanks to the same base. this line also offers a range of lengths for the shelves that offer, that can be accessorized with glasses, soap dispensers, ring holder dishes or soap holder dishes, as well as towel and paper holder, all in one.

Designer: Roberto De Rosso (Italy)
Manufacturer: Alna by De Rosso (Italy)
Material: chromed aluminium and ceramic
Colours: white

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NOMAD Hammock - Everyday Backpack


A folding hammock designed to be an everyday backpack. Inspired by the art of origami.

Designer: NOMAD Hammock (Italy)
Inspired By: Inspired by the art of origami.

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The elephant rocker


The Elephant project is all about a custom wooden rocker for a child. It was thought, designed and produced in Proyecto Veta's studio and workshop based in Basque Country.

Designer: Ero Martínez ( Proyecto Veta ) (Spain)
Manufacturer: Proyecto Veta (Spain)
Inspired By: elephant's shapes and movements
Material: birch plywood
Colours: natural

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Cinematiq Eyewear


Cinematiq Eyewear is the latest design innovation in the global eyewear industry. The new brand embodies a concept that connects the world of cinema with a pair of high-quality handcrafted designer glasses, but not simply by movie inspired forms, but literally by movie material, namely original 16 and 35mm FILM footage - and this indeed is revolutionary.

Designer: Tipton Eyeworks (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Tipton Eyeworks (Hungary)
Inspired By: Cinematography and Film
Material: 16 and 35mm original film footage, stainless steel, acetate
Colours: Network, Havannah, Vivien
Dimension: Features, Durability, Perceived Quality
Price: 425 EUR

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Hotel Domizil by DIA - Dittel Architekten


TThe Hotel Domizil in Tübingen, with a floor area of over 4000 m2, is being comprehensively redesigned and redeveloped by DIA – Dittel Architekten. The focus is on an authentic and modern design concept, as well as restructuring the entrance and restaurant area. While the hotel is in normal operation, its transformation is taking place over several construction stages, and so far, the first rooms were completed. All other stages are being planned.

photographer: Martin Baitinger

Designer: DIA - Dittel Architekten (Germany)

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