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BAI chair


BAI has a original wooden structure in which a upholstered body settles. The structure plays with crossed legs that extend to the subtle curved armrests. The body’s organic both concave and convex geometry gathers gently the human anatomy. This family, begining quietly with a wooden chair will be completed with a broader product family, with its metallic version, pedestal chair, stool or armchair.

Designer: Ander Lizaso (Spain)
Manufacturer: ONDARRETA (Spain)

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The idea behind the Beat-Shelf relies on a question we challenged ourselves to answer: “What is the most iconic sign that represents life? We came to the conclusion that the most archaic and universal sign of life must be a heartbeat line.We simplified its shape without losing any of its power or becoming less recognizable. The result is a bookshelf that sometimes attracts more attention to itself then the things you would put on it.

Designer: Van Tjalle en Jasper (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Van Tjalle en Jasper (Netherlands)
Inspired By: heartbeat line
Material: Wood (oak, ash, walnut)
Colours: Wood
Dimension: 120x55x30
Price: from 350 up to 480 Euro

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product|added Jul 06, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  39568 votes

XL Foodplatter | Round | Tattoo


A sexy handmade, custom designed by Bunker Tattoo, XL foodplatter for a wow! presentation, and serving, of all kinds of snacks and fingerfood. Now you too can have your own renowned Bunker tattoo. Even if you don’t dare to have a real one!

• For hygienic reasons, I’m treated with a special paint for serving food
• I’m not a cutting board, so please don’t use me for this purpose
• I don’t like dishwashers, microwaves and ovens & I’m also too big for them

Designer: XL Foodplatters (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dutchdeluxes (Netherlands)
Material: 100% solid French oak
Colours: Available in Anchor, Koi, Panther and Eagle tattoo
Dimension: 60 x 60 cm
Price: 189,95 euro

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