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Sardines wellington boots can be rolled up and stuffed in a bag. Their light and flexible materials along with the variety of styles available make Sardines stand out from the rest. The awkward heavy materials used to make most rain boots makes bringing them anywhere an uncomfortable experience.
Just like sardines in a tin, “Sardines” are foldable rain boots which can be stowed away in only a fraction of the space.

Designer: Estel Alcaraz Sancerni (Spain)
Inspired By: Inspired by squashed water bottle and how its volume is being reduced 20%
Material: They are made with recyclable mono-material: TPV, thermoplastic polyurethane.
Colours: Users can customize their Sardines, by choosing from large range of boldly coloured
Dimension: The boots squash down to a fifth of their original size

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Millow and Marpet


Pillows and Carpets in printed fabric with a vintage style, made by recycled wool-cotton fabric and woven textile coming from a Tuscan historical spinning mill. The retro-style texture is characterized by two themes: "roselle" and "croce di Savoia", which create a warm vintage atmosphere. Available in various sizes, can be adapted to different areas of the house. Artisan character and class from another époque.

Designer: Marakita (Italy)
Manufacturer: Ex.t (Italy)
Inspired By: vintage
Colours: green, red, cream, yellow, blue
Price: Marpet= 100 euro, Millow= 75 euro

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