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Iris Fine Bone China plate


The ‘Mask’ collection is a series of fine bone china decorative plates. All designs emerge from creative exploration through pencil illustrations where individually drawn floral motifs are composed into multi-faceted ‘Mask’. All plates are crafted and hand decorated to the highest standard by the artisans in Stoke-on-Trent.

Designer: SASHA TUGOLUKOVA (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: The limitness and ambiguity of the natural world
Material: fine bone china
Colours: white
Dimension: 27cm
Price: £40.00

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Not just another guide to Cologne


Not just another guide to Cologne, is a playful guide book of Cologne giving first-hand, direct information, made by students for students developed by three design students of the Köln International School of Design. Introduced in 2014 to all new incoming international students as a first-edition print run of 1,000 guides, the guide comes as a three-piece welcome gift with the guide book and a fold out map for navigation, as well as a postcard to send home.

Event photography: Anna Shapiro

Designer: Jaqueline Diedam, Raoul Döring, Yuki Fukuda (Germany)

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Designer: BOUW! (Austria)
Material: Wood & Copper
Dimension: 490/490/640 mm

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Step aside from modern life. Breathe. Relax your mind with Tälja – a swedish woodcarving kit.

Designer: Jakob Nielsen (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Tälja (Sweden)
Inspired By: Life away from keyboard.
Material: Cardboard, wood, steel
Price: 54 euro

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Longo is a modular system consisting of sofas, operative and managerial desks, with storage solutions (cabinets, libraries), accessories and sound absorbing panels which incorporate decorative accessories and items that inspire a cheerful environment. The configuration of Longo systems comes from a solid extruded aluminium structure maintaining a unitary visual concept.

Designer: Ramos & Bassols

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Fläpps Wardrobe Hillhäng


Fläpps Wardrobe Hillhäng „Hang your jacket on Mont Blanc“!
Who can boast a hallway with a mountain view? The Fläpps Coat Rack provides just that! Disguised as an unusual mountain panorama do the mountain summits function unfolded as useful coat-hanger. When the guests are gone is it folded a mural for mountain friends. Altogether does Hillhäng provide seven coat-hangers.

Designer: Malte Grieb (Germany)
Manufacturer: AMBIVALENZ (Germany)
Material: The materials used are plywood birch and stainless steel. The surface has a lacquer finish.
Colours: white, black, print
Dimension: Folded are the dimensions 80 x 40 x 2 cm + 1 cm wall mounting
Price: 195,00€

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Yozakura (lit. night Sakura) is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of the Sakura (cherry blossom) at night by gathering under lighted trees to celebrate nature’s beauty and the arrival of spring with delicious sake and food.

This sake set is inspired by the Sakura pattern, the pentagon cup is carved as the blossomed flower and the carafe has an opening in the form of a Sakura petal drifting in the wind. kickstarter link

Designer: Kennedy James (France)
Manufacturer: (Japan)
Inspired By: Japanese cherry blossom
Material: porcelain
Colours: black, gold, silver
Price: $15 ~ $145

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