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product|added Oct 23, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  35124 votes

Neofit Roller


Collapsing to just 4 inches with a unique design featuring interlocking discs and geometric EVA foam, Neofit Roller is the world's most compact foam roller.

Staples of fitness routines across the world, typical foam rollers are inelegant tubes of foam; Neofit Roller has re-engineered the concept to create a sophisticated, eye-popping design that drags the foam roller out of the fitness world and into the realms of industrial design.

Currently available on Kickstarter

Designer: Outerspace Design (Australia)
Colours: Teal and black
Dimension: 4 inches collapsed, 12 inches expanded

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event|added Oct 21, 2017

Architecture & Design Film Festival Seoul

The Architecture & Design Film Festival July 28-Oct 29, celebrates the unique creative spirit that drives architecture and design. With a curated selection of films, events and panel discussions, ADFF creates an opportunity to entertain, engage and educate all types of people who are excited about architecture and design. With well-attended screenings, legendary panelists, vibrant discussions and events in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, it has grown into the nation’s largest film festival devoted to the subject. The ADFF also programs for international film festivals as well as cultural institutions and private venues.


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Volo Duet


The weightless suspended light reminiscent of flying wings is a bright fluid mantle that measures 1 meter and its fully dimmable in intensity and adjustable in height.

The shade is composed of opal acrylic that vibrantly reflects the internal light source of efficient LED making Volo Duet an impressive illumination piece when lit white it evokes a moment of silence when it is turned off.

Designer: Batmann (Italy)
Manufacturer: Micron Illuminazione (Italy)
Inspired By: flying wings
Material: Opal bended acrylic 15mm thick and metal structure
Colours: matt white painted or polished chrome finished
Dimension: width 100cmx12cm / thickness 15mm

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product|added Oct 20, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  43999 votes

Design company Foscarini launches a short film


Fare Luce, whiched can be interpreted as "shedding light" makes its U.S. debut at Foscarini's New York showroom. Produced by filmmaker Gianluca Vassllo and commissioned by Foscarini, the film celebrating everyday moments of contacting with light. Leaving its interpretation up to the viewer, the project relays the hopefulness, possibilities, contemplation that light brings to the mandune daily life.

Designer: Foscarini (Italy)

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event|added Oct 18, 2017

dutch design week eindhoven #ddw17


In October of each year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. The biggest design event in Northern Europe presents work and ideas of more than 2500 designers to more than 295,000 visitors from home and abroad. In more than hundred locations across the city, DDW organises and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities. 

DDW is different from other design events, because it concentrates on the designs of the future. Although during the event every imaginable discipline and aspect of design is on offer, the emphasis is on experiment, innovation and cross-overs. Exceptional attention each year goes to work and development of young talent.


event|added Oct 18, 2017


From Point of Sales to Point of Senses Whither the future of shopping? More attractive, responsive and inspiring? There’s no alternative, as internet trading is cutting into bottom lines. General, store and interior designers are already driving forward a new ethos with fascinating innovations and radical new approaches. Exciting projects that involve all the senses are popping up everywhere. Which of them point the way to the future? How do design methods themselves need to change if they’re to speak to audiences and foreground the physical experience of goods? What opportunities are offered by in-shop digitisation? Experience the future for yourself at the conference in October. Top designers will report on their current projects – shops, department stores, mini arcades and trade fairs. As in previous years, the conference is also intended as a forum for connecting and sharing views.

The ICONIC CONFERENCE will be held at the Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt/Main on 26 October 2017 from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Participant numbers are limited.


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World map backpack; Mark where you have been.


For backpackers who want to remember their journeys around the world, the Ambitionem is made for you. Now on Kickstarter

Designer: SUNG-BIN KIM (Korea, South)
Manufacturer: WHYWHY, INC. (Viet Nam)
Material: Cordura, WJ Plastic, YKK zipper
Colours: Black
Price: $150

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Hybrid Chair


The Hybrid Chair can quickly transform from a desk chair into a lounge chair and the other way around. By lowering the seat, an ergonomic relaxing position with armrests appears. Pull the seat up and the chair slides into a horizontal position, perfect to sit at a table. The Hybrid Chair is therefore the ideal mix for people who do not want two separate chairs or simply do not have the space for it. Handmade from solid oak and upholstered with quality fabrics.

Designer: Sander Lorier (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio lorier (Netherlands)
Material: Solid Oak
Price: 745

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