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TRIO oak stool


Oak stool TRIO, designed by Marcin Laskowski from Studio Melounge, is an interesting example of finding the connection between classic shape and material and modern design. TRIO Stool is composed from trianglular elements which allow using natural imperfections of the wood. The hole in the middle of the stool is also triangular, which allows easier carrying of the stool. Rounded edges draw attention to the geometrical shape of the stool.

Designer: Marcin Laskowski (Poland)
Manufacturer: melounge (Poland)
Material: oak
Colours: natural oak
Dimension: 350 x 400 x 430 mm
Price: 150 euro

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The 4U bed and the Foodprint bowl are available in coloured transparent methacrylate and silk-screened methacrylate. Plastic material is certified for contact with foodstuff, as well as being easy to clean.
The cushion made from sturdy and water repellent fabric, has a removable and washable cover with reversible sides.
The foodprint bowl present a perimeter edge of containment for water and food, and three niches.
4U pet bed and foodprint bowl are made in Italy by ddplus

Designer: dimarziodesign (Italy)
Manufacturer: DDplus (Italy)
Material: Methacrylate

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Chimenti Table


Chimenti table is made of three oak planks obtained by a Venetian bricola plainsawn, undergo accurate and painstaking washing, cleaning, drying and disinfection procedures, and finally submerged in a special resin with an elaborate and patient craftsmanship.
The bricole’s external surface is left intentionally intact, in order for the markings left by tides and molluscs to act as reminders of the Venetian sojourn of this characteristic and precious recovered timber.

Designer: alcarol (Italy)
Manufacturer: alcarol (Italy)
Inspired By: the sound of waves
Material: oak wood of briccola, resin, steel

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EMBRACE 2 new series of decorative lamps


New shape, new material, new light

Continuation of a series pendant. The new model now has a lamp modified profile, the new material and, most importantly, a new form.

Designer: Maksim Shniak (Belarus)
Manufacturer: HOBBYWOOD (Belarus)
Inspired By: natural properties of plywood
Material: birch plywood,
Colours: White, natural wood, black
Dimension: 400x210, 350x270
Price: 120 EURO

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Birds & Owks


The Owl and Bird collection are signature pieces from Matt Pugh, a perfectly playful desk top weight or designer's ornament. It is handmade from high quality sustainably sourced Walnut or Oak. Topped with a dash of colour, gold leaf or wood stain, and finished with a hard wax oil for a natural lustre and longevity.

Designer: Matt Pugh (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Matt Pugh (United Kingdom)

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Hector Hardskin Leather Panoply for Apple


Hector Hardskin is a full range of thick heavy duty leather covers designed for Apple products. They will accompany you in your everyday life, standing the test of time and telling the story of your journeys.

Designer: Graspinghand (Greece)
Manufacturer: Graspinghand (Greece)
Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather
Colours: Saddle Leather
Price: 21 to 68 GBP

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