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Metal C-Stone 2017


In cooperation with Sascha Kessel from Inno-coating, Peter Donders added an ultrafine layer of metal powder to the structure, which has been polished afterwards. Doing so, C-stone (2017) is not only usable inside and outside, but it also got a trendy metallic look. By reflecting its surroundings, the object at the same time disappears in it. Moreover it looks even more heavy than the one from carbon, but with only seven kilos it’s still incredible light. C-stone misleads people.

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders / Inno-Coating (Belgium)
Inspired By: Stone
Material: Carbon fiber + real metal coating
Colours: silver, bronze and copper
Dimension: 1640mm x 1150mm x 400mm 6kg fiber + 1 kf metal
Price: on request

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