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Anatomy is a dissected knitwear project, which originates from the concepts of segmentation, openness, and exploration.
It is made up of three items – a sweater, a dress and a jacket, which break down into collars, necklaces, cuffs, and bracelets, to then be recomposed together. It is a project inspired by scientific exploration, in which the anatomy of the item, obtained by a dissection, allows the freedom of creation and assembling.

Designer: Denise Bonapace (Italy)
Manufacturer: me (Italy)
Inspired By: A scientific exploration, and the idea that fashion is a project.
Material: 100% Merino wool
Colours: Ecru, grey, and black for the bases, accessories in yellow, red, blue.
Dimension: differenz sizes

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Origami Chair


Using delicate materials with pastel colors, Origami chair offers comfort and aesthetic pleasure. Plywood structure combined with leather upholstery upon a metal structure, folds on geometry allows for a stacking chair. Complemented with a table, it’s a contemporary furniture set for bright interiors.

Designer: Designnobis (Turkey)

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