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product|added Jan 31, 2016 0 rating 3.05 / 5  |  4361 votes

Nimble, The One Finger Package Opener


A small, simple and delightfully easy to use device that makes opening things as easy as a swipe of the finger. Nimble's design was optimised and thoroughly tested by over 100 enthusiastic volunteers to help ensure it really was up to the job. It was brilliant at opening envelopes and parcels and for cutting sticky tape and wrapping paper too. Nimble has gone from strength to strength; winning the national Design For Life award, selling in 3 continents and being sold on Oxford St in London!

Designer: Simon Lyons (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: People that have trouble with opening packaging around the home, particularly in the kitchen.
Material: Silicone Rubber, ABS, and Zirconia Ceramic.
Colours: Yellow, black and white.
Dimension: 38mm long x 23mm wide x 30mm tall
Price: £8.99 GBP

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product|added Jan 28, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  7841 votes

Lume by Alessandro Zambelli for Bosa


Lume is a small but luminous portable lantern conceived as a good luck gift for the most important people in our lives. It’s a travelling companion, symbolising closeness and affection. Its beneficent presence illumines and brightens every moment of the day. Lume consists of a small cylindrical base serving as a candle holder, topped by a sweeping parabola on which the entire design hinges. Lume is hand-made with a white enamel finish; other colours are coral pink and pistachio green.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Bosa (Italy)
Inspired By: old-style bicycle lamp and gas-fired cigarette lighters
Material: ceramic
Colours: white, coral pink and pistachio green

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product|added Jan 28, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  7511 votes

MOKO vertical sculpture


Handcrafted multi-layer wooden wallcoverings-3D shaped panels becoming vertical sculptures.The curved shapes require the highest handicraft that cannot be replaced by any machinery, the real value lays in the bare handed craftsmanship intended to create the highest quality products, excluding mass production in the classic sense.

Designer: Zsolt Karajz (Hungary)
Manufacturer: MOKO Interior (Hungary)
Inspired By: manufacturing experience with sculptural wooden surfaces
Material: only real wood veneer - most of these veneers are custom made for our production.
Colours: Standard veneer: White Oak, American Walnut, Stained Anigre
Dimension: size (standard): 940 x 940 x 80 mm
Price: Available upon request, depends on many different components

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product|added Jan 28, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  7163 votes

Sons of Thunder


Tri-Lox Workshop designed and fabricated this Black Cherry furniture for Sons of Thunder, a new restaurant in NYC’s Murray Hill neighborhood. Serving fresh poke bowls and boutique grill food, Sons of Thunder provides visitors a gateway to sunny L.A. or the coasts of Maui. Tri-Lox worked with the restaurant's ownership to create a dining space that compliments the westcoast cuisine. The Black Cherry was salvaged from a farm in Pennsylvania, milled, cut, and finished in Tri-Lox’s workshop.

Designer: Tri-Lox (United States)
Manufacturer: Tri-Lox (United States)
Inspired By: Jean Prouvé and Pierre Jeanneret
Material: Black Cherry, Patinated Steel

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product|added Jan 27, 2016 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  8668 votes

Living with PETS


new collection for the indoor outdoor living where pets are considered at the same scene. the module can be adjust to fit the lifestyle of the people (single,couple)

Designer: zero first design + jiranan pisannan (Japan)
Manufacturer: DEESAWAT Industries Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Inspired By: PET is now a family member
Material: teakwood
Colours: natural
Dimension: 980x1940x2000

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product|added Jan 26, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  9238 votes

Crossed Off bedside cabinets


The second design from the range Garage Productions, Crossed Off is a set of bedside cabinets that ulterlize function, style and material. A cross section constructed from Veneered Oak offering a unique approach on how items can be showcased by displaying them in practical yet alternative way.

Designer: Jon Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Jon Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Function, Form, Material
Material: Oak Veneer
Colours: Oak, White
Dimension: 490mm(w) 580mm(H) 450mm(D)
Price: £1000

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event|added Jan 23, 2016

3D Pioneers Challenge - Call for entries


International competition for additive manufacturing technologies!

International, world-class jury
High-class co-operation partners

Verticals: design, architecture, automotive, fashion, medicine

Exhibition at the Messe Erfurt Rapid.Tech and FabCon 3.D
Gala event with award ceremony

Deadline: 30th of March 2016


The competition is open to Students and companies (Young Professionals and Professionals) working in design or technical fields, as well as the automotive, research and medical sectors. We welcome submissions from previously published projects to brand new ideas.
The jury will also take into account whether each project was submitted by students, young professionals or professionals.


December 2015
Call for entries opens

30th of March 2016
Submission deadline

14.-16. June 2016
Exhibition of the finalists’ projects at Rapid.Tech & FabCon 3.D, Messe Erfurt

15th of June 2016
Gala evening with award ceremony
International roadshow


product|added Jan 22, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  13953 votes

Tack Lighting System Kickstarter Project


Tack is a lamp designed for modern urbanites. Tack features simple and tool-less installation, adaptability to transform one space into multiple environments and with a petite size, can be easily brought to your next home. By responding to contemporary needs, Tack is an ideal lighting solution for fast-moving city dwellers. Here at Kickstarter

Designer: Matthew Lim (United States)
Manufacturer: Tack Studio LLC (United States)
Inspired By: New England manufacturing processes and fast-paced modern city life.
Material: Aluminum, Steel, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Colours: Matte Silver
Dimension: 23cm x 6cm x 7cm
Price: US$70

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product|added Jan 22, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  13652 votes

Momotombo Lounge Chair


The Momotombo Lounge Chair is handmade from sustainably harvested Rosita Walnut with a hand woven manila cotton seat. Inspired by Danish lounge chairs from the mid century period, this innovative piece combines classic contemporary design with artisanal handcraft techniques. PLEASE NOTE: NICARAGUA IS NOT AVAILABLE UNDER YOUR "DESIGNERS COUNTRY" OR "MANUFACTURERS COUNTRY" DROP DOWN MENUS. THIS ITEM WAS BOTH DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN NICARAGUA.

Designer: Abril Zepeda (United States)
Manufacturer: Masaya & Co. (United States)
Inspired By: NIcaragua's Momotombo Volcano, Artisan Handcraft Techniques and Mid Century Modern Design
Material: Manila Cotton and Solid Rosita Walnut
Colours: Burgandy, Blue, Orange Blend
Dimension: H31
Price: $725 USD

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product|added Jan 19, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  16138 votes

Tres Patas Floor Lamp


The Tres Patas floor lamp brings sophistication and comfort to any space. The large cotton drum shade softly defuses light, creating the perfect atmosphere for reading or relaxing.

Designer: La Diseñoteca (Spain)
Manufacturer: La Diseñoteca (Spain)
Material: European Beech, Iroko, Cotton
Colours: Cotton lampshade in white, grey or chocolate
Dimension: Height 150, Diameter 50

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