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'Edgy' tiles give structure to smooth walls in the public and private sector. They can be applied in interior or exterior surfaces, covering walls partially or entirely.
The three dimensional form is made up of asymmetrical surfaces 'folding' onto one plane to form a hexagonal base.
'Edgy’s' asymmetry enables the designer to create a multitude of patterns, allowing flexibility and individuality, as well as a wide range of uses from decorative surfaces to guidance systems.

Designer: Tanja Lightfoot & Patrycja Domanska (Austria)
Manufacturer: KAZA concrete
Material: Concrete composite

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Moresque by Alessandro Zambelli captures Alhambra's charms


This collection of pendant and table lamps captures old-world charm - the Moorish charm of the Alhambra - and bygone features and gives them a contemporary spin: the result strikes a new balance, in a composition of diverse stylistic elements co-existing in happy harmony. The slender ribs of architectural Arabesque alternate with bolder bands of colour in a vigorous succession of polychrome lines. The tones are pastel: orange burnt, pale turquoise, indigo, pistachio green and slate grey.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Seletti (Italy)
Inspired By: the charms of the Alhambra fortress
Material: ceramic
Colours: orange burnt, pale turquoise, indigo, pistachio green, grey

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Grid, made up of of 12 wooden frames that as a frees-tanding bookcase and/or as a room divider can be used. The ‘boards’ have different widths, and are open in the middle. This makes them suitable for some books, but also something can be hung in. The open frames deliver an exciting game of lines. Of certain viewing points, the frames seem as if they were floating relative to each other.
Packed, all the frames fit together. The total package includes 2 sets of 6 frames (flat-pack).

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Material: oak & American ash
Dimension: h 192 x W 186 x d 39 cm

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'Spikkel' trays are the result of material tests with porcelain glazing. In these trays enamel grains
are mixed with the porcelain clay,creating a surface that has a stone like impression.

Designer: De Intuïtiefabriek (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: De Intuïtiefabriek (Netherlands)
Material: Porcelain
Colours: white, blue
Dimension: Tray rectangle: 29 cm x 18,5 cm x 2,5 cm & Tray round: diameter 36 cm x 2,5 cm

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Pillow Acoustic Furniture for Cascando


soft and colourfull wall furniture that offers decoration and functionality to office or home.

Designer: Robert Bronwasser (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)

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Bike Valet


The bicycle shelf is ideal for cyclists who like to take their bike indoors in order to protect it from weather and other adversities. Enough storage space for accessories such as bicycle lock, clamp lights or gloves is provided behind the front flap. The bike shelf is handmade out of Northern European Birch, the front is made of dark Walnut wood. Zysa-quality brass hinges allow the flap to open easily.

Designer: Sonntagsstaat (Germany)
Manufacturer: Sonntagsstaat (Germany)
Material: Wood, Walnut, Birch
Colours: Walnut
Dimension: 36 x 32 x 12 cm
Price: 289

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video report|added Jan 25, 2015

A chair with 2 faces

by Christoph Massak. This chair has the ability to show two different “faces” depending on the user’s needs.



newadded Jan 25, 2015

Industrial Design

CHIEF designer outdoor decoration wanted

Fischer HRM GmbH  

Shanghai - China



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Kisses is made of 5mm thick felt of 100% pure wool, which is carbonized and treated dirt and water-repellent. The rug is available in two shades of gray for an elegant round or rectangular base. The x-es are in ten colors. To change the color of the x you’ll have a different look for your interior every season! You have a choice of many sizes, round and rectangular. The x-es are cut out by a machine, so they fit perfectly into the recess as a puzzle piece.

Designer: Evelien Lulofs (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Evelien Lulofs (Netherlands)
Material: Wool felt
Colours: grey, beige, olive, yellow, aubergine, lime, jungle green, ocean blue, ice blue, pink
Dimension: from 100cmx100cm to 180x400cm
Price: From 330,- euro

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newadded Jan 25, 2015

Graphic Design

Senior User Interface Designer wanted

designaffairs GmbH  

Munich - Germany
creating change brand shaping | innovative | human centered


creating change brand shaping | innovative | human centered

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