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Woodspot lamp by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti


Woodspot is the new table lamp by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti. The designer’s new work is made in pine with a natural finish and has been assembled and varnished entirely by hand. Woodspot’s base supports a light diffuser with the unexpected look of a three-dimensional frame, projected to the boundary of unreality. The object’s highly unusual profile combines design rigour and expressive freedom which sidestep convention.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Seletti (Italy)
Inspired By: Surrealist artist René Magritte
Material: wood pine
Colours: ivory white, flesh pink, pastel green
Dimension: 22 cm long, 44 cm high, 23 cm deep

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Y Desk


Y Desk is a hand-made, solid walnut writing desk. Inspired by the design of home pianos, Y desk incorporates a shelf compartment above the writing surface. The wood is polished and protected with natural oils which preserve and enhance the texture of the material.

Designer: Ivan Markovic (Serbia)
Manufacturer: Milan Markovic (Serbia)
Inspired By: home pianos, old school desks, carpenters tables, mid-century modern furniture
Material: Solid Walnut
Colours: natural wood colour
Dimension: 90 x 110 x 55cm

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Work Lamp


Work lamp is inspired by lighting used on construction sites adapted for a contemporary domestic environment. It serves as task, ambient or pendant lighting. The hand turned opulent bamboo contrasts with the industrial appearance of the steel cage designed to both protect the bulb whilst allowing a flood of ambient light to illuminate any workspace.

Designer: Alex Trenear-Thomas (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Liqui Design (United Kingdom)
Material: bamboo, mild steel
Colours: ebony, natural
Dimension: 40x40.5x40
Price: £590.00

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Gratis et Amore Dei


The collective’s most recent intriguing initiative has been to self-produce small wall lamps as a tribute to abandoned places of worship. After making dozens of sconces, the team installed them in the numerous niches and chapels in the little churches that dot some of the rural areas of northern Italy.

Designer: paradisiartificiali

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Animals of the Dreaming


The echidna, Australian animal, is a celebration of Australian Aboriginal ancestral wisdom. We teamed with Naomi Taplin, the highly talented Sydney based designer and porcelain artist from Studio Enti, to create these new handmade porcelain art toys.

Designer: Eggpicnic (Australia)
Manufacturer: Naomi Taplin (Australia)
Material: Porcelain

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Cell Desk Lamp


The ‘Cell Desk Lamp’ is the result of the first collaboration between Fry and Jones, born out of a love for the industrial process of metal spinning. They have combined a cage of cross-ply bamboo fingers protecting an aluminium shade.

Designer: Fry & Jones (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Liqui Design (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: metal spinning
Material: aluminium, bamboo
Colours: aluminium
Dimension: 30x22.5x45
Price: £300.00

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Frame is a easychair that works like a three-dimensional picture in different rooms and environments, and frames the person who sit in it. At the same time it has a high degree of spatiality because of the walls and the ceiling,

Designer: Ola Giertz (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Materia (Sweden)

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Light and shadow.
As in many cases Note Design Studio found inspiration in nature. They were intrigued by the convex and concave surfaces of a classic mushroom where the funnel shape both captures light and cast shadows. The iconic shape interacts with the surroundings and makes the appearance change depending on the light.
The result is a series of hangers that in materiality, form and color gives a warm atmosphere with a Scandinavian touch.

Designer: note design studio (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Ex.t (Italy)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: Solid natural oak / matt lacquered wood
Colours: Oak, green, grey, white, pink
Dimension: Ø11xH8 cm Ø8xH6 cm
Price: 36 €

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product|added Jun 16, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  2668 votes



Pendura is a coat stand with a minimalistic approach and a very marked functional character. Where has room for coats, accessories and looks perfect on any wall!

Designer: Mendes&Macedo (Portugal)
Material: Solid Oak

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product|added Jun 14, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  3893 votes

Cryoow! dolls


We transform your drawing in a lovable doll. One drawing = one doll. The kids creativity is transformed into a doll what they can play with and holds for eternity. Preserve your kids fantasy with this unique doll.

Designer: Children (Indonesia)
Manufacturer: Sumber Bali CV (Indonesia)
Inspired By: Nora, our 7.5 year old daughter
Material: Fabrics, dacron
Colours: 144 different
Dimension: Hight is 10 inches (30 cm)
Price: US$ 149.-

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