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Why does (nearly) all cutlery look so similar? Our contemporary interpretation is fresh, different, and still surprisingly pleasant to use. The flat profile is folded and offers significant advantages: the cutlery is nestable, stands stable also in vertical orientation, and most of all: it provides an unusually clear and uncluttered almost graphical image.

Designer: Till Kobes (Germany)
Inspired By: architectural shapes
Material: fine brushed stainless steel
Colours: silver
Dimension: 15 x 19 x 25 cm

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Buzz Bench


The Buzz Bench has been developed to be the hub for bike parking, locking and public seating. A lifestyle element that can be arranged in an array of angles and shapes allowing large numbers of bikes to parked and locked, it also functions as a meeting place for the urban warrior to sit, relax, organize their backpacks, change their shoes or simply spend some time in the community – the Buzz of city life.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: Luxxbox (Australia)
Inspired By: improving our community
Material: Heavy-Duty powder-coated steel with protective nylon bench bumpers
Colours: See website and spec sheet for colour options
Dimension: 1580cm x 885cm x 458cm
Price: See website and for pricing

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A-Frame Bench


The A-Frame Bench is a stylised take on the traditional English pub bench – brought to life with gorgeous colour and an immaculately powder-coated aluminium finish that is smooth and tactile. As with all Jennifer Newman furniture, the A-Frame Bench can be specified in any colour making it a fun option for the garden.

Designer: Jennifer Newman (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Jennifer Newman (United Kingdom)
Material: powder-coated aluminium
Colours: Light Admiralty Grey
Dimension: 190 x 130 x 75 cm
Price: £1625

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Obtineo Range


Obtineo is a luxury homeware range, entirely hand-made in the UK by skilled craftsmen, using traditional manufacturing methods. The lids are turned solid ash, Obtineo’s felt is produced by one of Britain’s few remaining felt factories, and the glass is hand-blown by a glassworks that can trace its roots to 1612.

You can support our Obtineo Range on Kickstarter here

Designer: Tom Hutchinson (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Natural materials, quality craftmenship, uk manufacture
Material: Wood, Glass, and 100% Wool Felt
Price: £15-£99

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WIRE collection by Alessandro Zambelli


WIRE by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti is a new line of furniture accessories in painted steel. The mood of the collection is a strange balancing act between retro, minimalist aesthetics and futuristic touches. The contrasting metalwork results in some unexpected, decorative effects. Fine lines run across the front of each piece of furniture. Little more than a trace, yet picked out like embroidery, they finally thicken, in perfect geometry, to reveal a glint of gold.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Seletti (Italy)
Inspired By: Art Nouveau style
Material: painted steel and brass
Colours: pastel cream, salmon pink and musk green

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Archives by Studio Job for NLXL


The collection reflects a retrospect of the history of Studio Job. They used archetypical drawings and these universal symbols are combined as iconographic elements for patterns and compositions, ultimately creating 6 designs: Industry, Labyrinth, Perished, Alt Deutsch, l'Afrique and Withered Flowers, the latter in black & white and in color.

Designer: Studio Job (Belgium)
Manufacturer: NLXL (Netherlands)
Inspired By: These compositions were originally created for their own work and projects in design, art & fashion.
Material: Non-woven wallpaper
Dimension: 900 x 48,7 cm
Price: EU € 199 - US $ 299

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Speedform Apollo Seeding Box


The UA SpeedFormTM Apollo destroyed the rules of footwear construction. Crafted entirely in a clothing factory, the SpeedForm Apollo is something special. So, it demanded some pretty special packaging.

Designed as a visual takedown of the campaign, “THIS IS WHAT FAST FEELS LIKE.TM”, the Limited Edition “jet” represented speed and featured the campaign colorways in the pilot seat. A jet-shaped USB keychain was tucked alongside the shoes, and a tech card & T-shirt tucked beneath.

Designer: Director-Sean Flanagan Art Direction-ChiChi Bello (United States)
Manufacturer: SMS Display Group (United States)
Inspired By: Speedform Apollo Shoe
Material: plastic
Colours: Blue
Dimension: 24 in (l) x W: 12.75 in (w) x 9.5 in (h)
Price: n/a

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“Levante” bowls by Alessandro Zambelli


In Mediterranean culture, “dysfunction” can be seen as the anthropological ability to find a way round, an ad hoc solution to make up for a shortcoming.
Here, the wobbling bowls gain a new ‘stability’ by wedging a ‘levante’ or prop underneath, restabilising the vessels.
The choice of the cork - symbol of the wine-centric Mediterranean culture - as a prop derives from the rural custom of using this material to mend everyday objects.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Inspired By: Mediterranean sea
Material: ceramic and cork
Colours: white

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Pixel Dresser


In this design I used the diversity of american black walnut, which natural grain of wood has such a unique drawing that putting it into any form is absolutely unnecessary. I decided to introduce a rhythm that divides the planes of body walls into 2cm wide boards. The knob made of 49 cubes is the element which ties the whole form together.
Supporting the visually heavy body of the dresser by a very frail, thin legs, was made on purpose, to enhance the dynamism of the piece of furniture.

Designer: Przemyslaw Ziolkowski (Poland)
Manufacturer: Draft (Poland)
Material: american black walnut
Dimension: 120/100/50
Price: 3000 euro

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Lu-lu. chair


is a thought of saving material and energy at the time of production element

Designer: Jose Luis Goyes Rodriguez (Colombia)
Manufacturer: Jose Luis Goyes Rodriguez (Colombia)
Inspired By: simplicity
Material: Metal-wood
Colours: Red-natural wood
Dimension: 70cm x 40 cm

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