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Daab Verlag

Hi-Tec Architecture


HI_TEC ARCHITECTURE presents pioneering and exceptional architectural innovations, which have left their indelible mark on the face of international architecture. Over 40 spectacular projects illustrate the technical possibilities and the spectrum of materials, which today are applied in more and more groundbreaking ways.


  • Language: English,German, etc.
  • Release: September 2009
  • Price: 39,95
  • Format: 23,2 x 23 x 3,6 cm
  • Features: 382 pages, full colour
  • ISBN: 978-3866540200



Ruth Slavid

Extreme Architecture


What kind of architecture emerges in an extreme environment? Responding to some of the ultimate challenges in architecture, the buildings featured in this book provide valuable insight into the extremes of architectural thinking. In an increasingly unstable world, some of the lessons that they teach about self-sufficiency may yet become more generally applicable. Lessons from terrestrial environments are being used in designs for space, while space technology is also being applied on earth.


  • Language: English
  • Release: September 2009
  • Price: 29,90
  • Format: 25,7 x 23,1 x 2,5 cm
  • Features: 208 pages, full colour
  • ISBN: 978-1856696098



R. Klanten, L. Feireiss

Spacecraft 2 by Gestalten


Like its successful predecessor, Spacecraft 2 showcases international projects by architects, artists and designers that meet the changing spatial needs of our modern lifestyles and that are simultaneously expanding our current understanding of architecture.

This sumptuous volume further documents a dynamic range of ephemeral structures such as pavilions, art projects and exhibition spaces as well as transient architecture including mobile habitats, and vacations homes that inconspicuously adapt to their natural or urban environments.


  • Language: English
  • Release: February 2009
  • Price: 49,90 / $ 75,00 / £ 45,00
  • Format: 24 x 30 cm
  • Features: 280 pages, full colour, hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-3-89955-233-1

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