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Edited by Frank Orel

The Porsche Book


This turbo-charged book is an exciting thrill ride for all lovers of the Porsche experience. As you browse, you embark on a nostalgic, image-packed journey through the annals of high-performance motor engineering and design. The book’s dynamic layout and design capture every element of these ultimate rides—power, freedom and speed. Captivated from the first glance, you will keep coming back for more! After a while, the book becomes like your own personal road movie as the sights and sounds come to life. Revel in innovative images of all the most famous Porsches—shot in glamorous locales across the globe.


  • Release: May 2010
  • Price: 98,00 $ 125.00
  • Format: 29 x 37 cm
  • Features: 296 pages, hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-3-8327-9377-7
  • Languages: English, German, French, Chinese and Russian
  • Copyright © 2010 Frank M. Orel

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