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Event Reports

Toca Me Opening Titles by Strukt

The company "Strukt" created the Opening Titles for the TocaMe Design
Conference 2009, which took place in Munich on March 7th. The theme of this
year's conference was "Hit by Inspiration" and featured talks of artists like Joel
Gethin Lewis, Jeremy Thorp, Gmunk and Joshua Davis. Strukt also presented the
Making Of of the Opening Titles, their "Struktable" Multitouch installation and
previous work.


Event Reports

Cologne Design Week III seen by DSTV

Third day of imm cologne, and today we introduce our stand at hall 3.1 / young professionals. All over the blue carpet there are products from more than 50 exhibitors, coming from 16 countries all around the world. Awesome!

2. Kölnischer Kunstverein, Alfredo Häberli


Event Reports

Cologne Design Week II seen by DSTV

On the second day of COLOGNE DESIGN WEEK DSTV filmed in these locations:

1. Vulkan "Bauhaus University Project"
2. Jack in the Box
3. Gallery Fiebach & Minninger
4. VitrA Bad (Instanbul collection of Ross Lovegrove)
5. MegaCities at KAP Forum


Event Reports

Cologne Design Week seen by DSTV

DSTV visited the "Passagen" and took an exclusive look around and caught some vibrant atmosphere in those locations:

1. designers fair at RheinTriadem
2. Global Street Food at Meiré & Meiré
3. Sidispot - Best of Spanish Interior Design


Event Reports

Ford kinetic design

In this years` imm cologne it was a pleasure for us to present Ford kinetic design on the DESIGNSPOTTER stand in hall 3.1

We interviewed some interesting design workers from different fields like

- Erika Tsubaki, design strategy & futuring
- Serife Uenal, color & material design
- Hans-Jürgen Teubner, sound design


Event Reports

Designers´ Open 2008

Festival for Design Leipzig
Design has come this could have been the motto of this year's design festival in Leipzig/Germany. More than 140 designers presented their products on the fourth edition of the Designers' Open.


Event Reports

Burning the roots Berlin 2008

Patron of the Arts

Video Artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz can thank art patron and Designer Peter J. Lassen for supporting their project Berliner City on Fire.


Event Reports

Kölner Design Preis - Cologne Design Award

The first Cologne Design Award was given to the best graduation projects by design students and come with prize money of 45.000 Euros. The award ceremony took place at the Museum of Appied Arts in Cologne on November 6.


Event Reports

1. Kölner Design Preis: press conference

Today in the morning, on Nov 6, the press conference for the very first Cologne Design Award (1. Kölner Design Preis) took place at the Museum of Applied Arts in the centre of Cologne. We already got back from the award ceremony tonight, so here you see some first impressions. A further video with the award winners and impressions of the gala will follow soon...


Event Reports

Interieur 08 - 21. Design Biennale in Kortrijk/Belgium

The aim of the Interieur Foundation is to promote creativity in product development and design, through the means of a major international Biennale, which offers an overview of the most recent developments and the most successful projects in product development and design.
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