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DSTV Overview

People Portraits

Karim Rashid @ CONTAIN Gallery

Karim Rashid aka DJ Kreemy was our main DJ act during imm and Passagen Cologne in January 2010 at CONTAIN Gallery.

Interview by Ioanna Paraskeva.


People Portraits

Rock Bottom by Bob Lorrimer

Guernsey 9.00 am The Channel Islands. Filmed over two consecutive mornings, the weather conditions being much the same on both days. Bob took a Taxi, with his suitcase, direct from the Airport to 'Petit Bot Bay' which he had 'googled'! This short scenario was filmed with the Canon 7d DSLR at 1080 25FPS. Final Cut Pro. Magic Bullet Looks. Imac 24. Stock lens 18 - 135 mm. The only further equipment was light weight Tripod, a banana and a suitcase.


People Portraits

White Box by Makoto Yabuki

Abstracts 3D forms combined perfectly with a real scenario - japanese Makoto Yabuki did a great job with this awesome animation.


People Portraits

Murmur Study by Christopher Baker

Showing at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota now through August 23th, 2009, Murmur Study is an installation that examines the rise of micro-messaging technologies such as Twitter and Facebooks status update.


People Portraits

modus operandi by Matylda Krzykowski

A chair, in most contexts, is a functional object of utility, commonly used to sit on. Yet, Matylda Krzykowski distorts and extracts the functionality through her modus operandi, her graduation project at Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, exerting and gaining dominance over the chairs, transforming them into her conceptual pieces.


People Portraits

Virgile by Flying V

Virgile is very shy guy who's trying to date a charming girl by turning himself into funny and manly characters.

This is the very first movie from Flying V = Clément Soulmagnon & Gary Levesque, two classmates from the 2008 French Supinfocom prom.


People Portraits

Crazy Enough by Jr. Canest

For Vancouver Film School, Jr. Canest had to realize a Title Sequence and he decided to make the movie of his life with everything presented in boxes and circles. Thousands of key frames were merged togehter in after effects underlined music by The Books. So take a look at the results and enjoy.


People Portraits

Synesthesia by Terri Timely

The latest short film from Directing-duo, Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey), is a portrait of two brothers and their surreal experiences as they explore their Synesthesia.


People Portraits


Eole is a short 3D movie directed by 3 students of Supinfocom Arles/France in 2008 : Aurélien Martineau, Etienne Métois and Moana Wisniewski.

The story is about the unexpected meeting between a yellow shirt sailor (responsible for aircraft movement) and a kite on a aircraft carrier...

Wonderful, magical, gorgeous.


People Portraits

Masquerade by Aziz K.

Masquerade is a thesis film from Aziz Kocanaogullari (Academy of Art in San Francisco). It's overall been done in about three months and realised with music by Ghinzu - Jet Sex, a great band from Belgium.


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