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Prof. Peter Raacke: Designmai 07 Berlin

The perfect backdrop to visit Professor Peter Raacke in the German capital

Scene of the Crime:    Sushi Circle + Haus am Waldsee
Weapons:                   Camera, microphone and many, many questions

It was a great honour for us to be able to meet and interview the esteemed master of industrial design, the creator of the world famous “mono-a” cutlery set and the Afri-Cola bottle and pioneer in corrugated cardboard furniture design. We talked about his views on design in general and specifically his philosophies.

Mr. Raacke had fun telling us stories from the late 60s and of his time as a university lecturer at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, as well as his first trip to America at the end of the 50s where he visited his Bauhaus contemporaries.


People Portraits

Prof. Peter Raacke: Sushi Circle Berlin

As announced a couple of extendes interviews with Prof. Peter Raacke will follow.

In this one here he talks about his first creative steps in the 40ies, the foundation of the VDID ("Associaton of Industrials Designs Germany) 1958 and many more ...

© DS TV 2007, producer: Ioanna Paraskeva


Event Reports

Prof. Peter Raacke: Sushi Circle II

Except of his own creations: What does the venerable master of industrial design think about colleagues? Are there any idols? Which design ideas does he admire, which ones surprise him?

© DS TV 2007, producer: Ioanna Paraskeva


Event Reports

PREVIEW imm cologne 09: Trend Board + trend book

The latest trend book edition for the imm cologne features the Interior Trends for 2009. The overwhelming response received in previous years demonstrates that this annual book provides a detailed reference work not only for exhibitors, visitors and journalists...

© DS TV 2008, producer: Ioanna Paraskeva


Event Reports

Cologne Design Week seen by DSTV

DSTV visited the "Passagen" and took an exclusive look around and caught some vibrant atmosphere in those locations:

1. designers fair at RheinTriadem
2. Global Street Food at Meiré & Meiré
3. Sidispot - Best of Spanish Interior Design


Event Reports

Cologne Design Week III seen by DSTV

Third day of imm cologne, and today we introduce our stand at hall 3.1 / young professionals. All over the blue carpet there are products from more than 50 exhibitors, coming from 16 countries all around the world. Awesome!

2. Kölnischer Kunstverein, Alfredo Häberli


Motion Graphics

Man as Industrial Palace by Henning Lederer

A preview clip of Hennign Lederers animated and interactive application based on the poster by Fritz Kahn: "Man as Industrial Palace" from 1926. Cool work!


People Portraits

Peter Saville : Disco Ball of Everything

...You might not like what I have to say, Peter Saville told us when we met up with him for the interview, but of course we did.The London-based graphic design legend and meanwhile art director, who gained notoriety through his artwork for bands like New Order and Joy Division, is a keen observer of society and not shy to disclose his opinion.



Tales of the Hunt

Designart Documentary by Design Dealer Victor Hunt




Sharing a passion for creativity, timeless design and craftsmanship, Delta Light joined forces with Tim Van Steenbergen to create the METRONOME, a special edition of the Husk. The result had to be pure and to-the-point. A lighting design with impact. An ambiance of light, in the form of a modern object.



Mistral Tornado by Moooi

Mistral: A beautiful shade, a light in the darkness, a sparkling idea, simple and effective... and now even an electrifying & artistic cyclone!

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