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There are shrinking cities, whether open and visible, or secret and hidden ones, all over the world, not only in the industrially-developed countries of Europe and America, but also (notwithstanding the growth of "megapolises" and "global cities") in Asia and Africa - and even in small countries such as Switzerland.

A large number of locations were considered as subjects for the Shrinking Cities investigation, its exhibition and publications. The candidates finally selected were: Detroit, Ivanovo, Manchester / Liverpool and Halle / Leipzig.

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City + Country Portraits

BREATH TAKING ATHENS by The City of Athens

ATDECO created the breathtaking Athens brand to promote Athens as a modern and attractive tourist and meetings destination all year round.

The capital of Greece is a must see for everyone. We love it!

euxaristo Yatzer.com



Immaterials: Lights painting WiFi

This project explores the invisible terrain of WiFi networks in urban spaces by light painting signal strength in long-exposure photographs. A four-metre tall measuring rod with 80 points of light reveals cross-sections through WiFi networks using a photographic technique called light-painting.


City + Country Portraits


27 is a journey into the heart of contemporary European architecture, under a permanent state of mutation. 27 is a joint venture between a filmmaker, two architects and a graphic designer travelling together to meet people engaged in the process of making the Europe of tomorrow. 27 is a trip to 27 countries and 27 practices, all led by young architects recognized in their own country and abroad.


Motion Graphics

Virtual Architecture / Mediating Mediums

A recent graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Greg Trans thesis prize winning concept, Mediating Mediums, provides a thought-provoking glimpse into the future functionality and application of augmented reality.


City + Country Portraits

A Year in New York

Living in New York Andrew Clancy grab his Canon 7D, or S95, and shoot footage of what was going on around him. It seemed like a never ending project and you could stay filming life in New York for a long time.

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