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Invader - Binary Code Street Art

This style of artwork is among the most progressive and conceptually interesting in the world.  Invader has definitely continued to take it to the next level with this latest development.

No doubt that if you pay attention to street art, you’ve heard of this artist.  He’s been working in the streets of France for many years, and his work is among the most recognizable, if not completely understood.  Now, with a simple IPhone Application called, I-Matrix, (now known as BeeTag) you can translate the hidden meanings behind his street-art.

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Print Showroom: 1321 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90026

Video Production: 174 Bogart St. Suite 313, Brooklyn, NY. 11206

For Questions, Comments, or to join our Mailing List: info@jetsetgraffiti.com


Event Reports


At the Venice Biennale, the mæve installation connects the entries of the EveryVille student competition and puts them into the larger context of MACE content and metadata. By placing physical project cards on an interactive surface, the visitors can explore an organic network of projects, people and media.


Visual Arts

Things with Wings

This is an excerpt of a live VJ mix performed with VJ Lady Firefly and DJ Spinoza at Eyebeam's Mixer event in NYC. It premieres my flying cutout series, including the flying octopus, flying mustache, and swiveling dancers. The full mix was about an hour long.


City + Country Portraits

Tree of Death

Nice project from our friends from slashthree.com. Directed, designed, composed and animated by myaka, with music by NEO.


City + Country Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Calgary: Axis Art Gallery

Our first stop over in Alberta/Canada was in Calgary. In the Art Central we found the AXIS art gallery where owner Rob showed us some really cool contemporary pieces of canadian and international art.


City + Country Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Calgary: INFLUX jewellery gallery

INFLUX Jewellery Gallery is a well-designed and well-rounded art jewellery gallery in Calgary. The gallery/boutique specializes in national and international jewellery of all types, and is clearly focused on quality, innovation and creativity.


People Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Edmonton: Geoffrey Lilge

Geoffrey Lilge is an Industrial Designer with more than ten years of experience designing furniture and home accessories.Co-founder and design / marketing director for Canadian home accessories manufacturer Pure Design Ltd, Lilge has worked closely with many international collegues.


City + Country Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Edmonton: Nokomis Clothing

Nokomis Clothing in Edmonton is a fashion store that carries exclusively Canadian-crafted and designed clothing & accessories. Every item is handpicked to showcase the best of Canadian design talent.


City + Country Portraits

FatBlooded - Following Aakash Nihalani

Aakashs street art mostly consists of isometric rectangles and squares. He selectively places these graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself. All execution of a piece is done on site with little to no planning.


Event Reports

Designers´ Open 2008

Festival for Design Leipzig
Design has come this could have been the motto of this year's design festival in Leipzig/Germany. More than 140 designers presented their products on the fourth edition of the Designers' Open.


City + Country Portraits

Angela Spizig

Angela Spizig is Mayor of Cologne and cultural and educational politician. It was an honour that she came especially to our DESIGNSPOTTER stand at imm cologne 09 for an interview about Cologne as a design hot spot and some very interesting aspects according to creative spaces in Cologne. (german version)

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