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City + Country Portraits

FatBlooded - Following Aakash Nihalani

This project was realized in 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn/New York

Check out the artists`website: Aakash Nihalani
Music By: ROM 


Visual Arts

Things with Wings

This is an excerpt of a live VJ mix performed with VJ Lady Firefly and DJ Spinoza at Eyebeam's Mixer event in NYC. It premieres my flying cutout series, including the flying octopus, flying mustache, and swiveling dancers. The full mix was about an hour long.


People Portraits

Invader - Binary Code Street Art

The street artist Invader came from France to L.A. recently and took a minute to explain his new Binary Code street art. This new media utilizes hi-tech Binary Code technology combined with his trademark lo-tech ceramic tile work as seen in urban centers all around the world.


City + Country Portraits

Tree of Death

Nice project from our friends from slashthree.com. Directed, designed, composed and animated by myaka, with music by NEO.


City + Country Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Calgary: Axis Art Gallery

Our first stop over in Alberta/Canada was in Calgary. In the Art Central we found the AXIS art gallery where owner Rob showed us some really cool contemporary pieces of canadian and international art.


People Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Edmonton: Geoffrey Lilge

Geoffrey Lilge is an Industrial Designer with more than ten years of experience designing furniture and home accessories.Co-founder and design / marketing director for Canadian home accessories manufacturer Pure Design Ltd, Lilge has worked closely with many international collegues.


People Portraits

White Box by Makoto Yabuki

Abstracts 3D forms combined perfectly with a real scenario - japanese Makoto Yabuki did a great job with this awesome animation.


Visual Arts

Wildbits by Pierre Mersadier

This audio-visual 3D compositing by France based "Les pixels transverseaux" was presented at Visionsonic Festival "Cynesthesy 1.0".


Event Reports

JR / Exposition Paris 2009 - Ile Saint Louis

JR owns the biggest art gallery in the world: He exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not the museum visitors. His work mixes Art and Act, talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit.


Motion Graphics

PIXELS by Patrick Jean

8-bits creatures invade New York City. PIXELS is Patrick Jean' latest short film, shot on location in NY. Not really brand new this idea - but very smart.

We like!


Motion Graphics

MINDPLOTTER by Passion Pictures

Passion Pictures is one of Europe's leading independent production companies, producing award winning films (Oscar) in a variety of contemporary styles including 2D drawn animation, computer animation, stop frame animation, mixed media and live-action.

This piece of art is directed by Polynoid.

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