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Motion Graphics

Black Liquid by Dmitry Zakharov


video design by dmitry zakharov dmitryzakharov.de
sound design by coresplittaz.de



Radiola by spacejump

Radiola is a video clip for Russian post-rock band Sistra, realised by the multiple award winning galaxie creators space jump who are located in Khabarovsk/Russia.

Let´s spread the word for our friends from sooo far away :-)


Motion Graphics

Piece by Selfburning

The Piece movie is a joint project of Selfburning, russian artist Igor Skaletsky and drummer Eugenii Labych. Igor Skaletsky makes classic collages with the usual set of tools: a knife, a glue and a paper.


Visual Arts

Thing Pit by Taras Hrabowsky

Thing Pit is a traveling guerrilla art projection by artist Taras Hrabowsky. Its also a beautifully composited project full of crushing decay, fluid destruction and complete insanity.

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