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The Faraday Porteur @ KICKSTARTER

Faraday evolved last year when the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition invited the global design and innovation firm, IDEO, to create a modern utility bike for the contest. After winning the People’s Choice Award at the Oregon Manifest and widespread accolades in the media, lead designer Adam Vollmer left IDEO to found Faraday Bicycles™.

The Faraday Porteur looks and feels like a high-end city bicycle, but it performs in a class of its own. The bike appeals to a broad range of consumers, from bike lovers to commuters, baby boomers, techies, gadget gurus, and anyone with hill phobia. Inspired by the classic European delivery bikes of the 1940’s and 50’s, the Faraday Porteur has been updated with state-of-the-art components and construction techniques. An integrated, all-weather computer manages the intelligent pedal assist system that senses the rider’s output and powers the front wheel. A “boost” switch provides an extra surge of power, but only when desired. High-powered, integrated front and rear LED lights turn on and off automatically, and the batteries are hidden seamlessly within the frame. At just under 40 pounds (without the removable rack), the Porteur is light enough to easily carry up stairs or load on the bus. Here @ KICKSTARTER


Event Reports

1. Kölner Design Preis: press conference

Today in the morning, on Nov 6, the press conference for the very first Cologne Design Award (1. Kölner Design Preis) took place at the Museum of Applied Arts in the centre of Cologne. We already got back from the award ceremony tonight, so here you see some first impressions. A further video with the award winners and impressions of the gala will follow soon...


Event Reports

Kölner Design Preis - Cologne Design Award

The first Cologne Design Award was given to the best graduation projects by design students and come with prize money of 45.000 Euros. The award ceremony took place at the Museum of Appied Arts in Cologne on November 6.


Event Reports

ARTAQ: First Urban Art Award Berlin

The french Association ARTAQ presented the very first Urban Art Award Festival in Berlin on November 26, 2010. The jury awarded more than 320 pieces from all around the world in the categories graffiti, painting, collage, sculpture, digital arts and photography. The winners were first shown in Paris, then in Berlin and will afterwards be presented in Brussels and Lyon.

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