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Cavalry 360° Hadrian's Cavalry Art Installation

Imagine yourself: a battle-weary Pict awaiting your fate at the hands of the ruthlessly disciplined Roman Cavalry, and then you hear the sound of 2,000 hooves...

Brand new art installation at Chesters Roman Fort creates a unique way to experience the Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition and captures the power and terrifying anticipation of 500 cavalry hurtling across the countryside. Cavalry 360° is the first 'sound' installation for English Heritage and evokes the thundering sound of 500 cavalry horses who were once stationed at Chesters Roman Fort in the 2nd century. 

Cavalry 360° uses drum-like musical instruments to create the thunder of 2,000 hooves moving across the landscape. 32 wind turbines will drive hundreds of mini beaters to generate an ever-changing rhythm.

At 3.5 metres high and 12 metres wide, the unique installation has been commission by English Heritage as part of the Hadrian's Cavalry exhibition. The ambitious installation has been created by artist Mark Nixon from NEON.


Event Reports

Chris O´Shea: Audience

Audience, conceived by rAndom International, is an installation consisting of around 64 head-size mirror objects. Each object moves its head in a particular way to give it different characteristics of human behaviour. Some chat amongst themselves, some shy away and others confidently move to grab your attention.


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At the Venice Biennale, the mæve installation connects the entries of the EveryVille student competition and puts them into the larger context of MACE content and metadata. By placing physical project cards on an interactive surface, the visitors can explore an organic network of projects, people and media.


Visual Arts

Things with Wings

This is an excerpt of a live VJ mix performed with VJ Lady Firefly and DJ Spinoza at Eyebeam's Mixer event in NYC. It premieres my flying cutout series, including the flying octopus, flying mustache, and swiveling dancers. The full mix was about an hour long.


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Invader - Binary Code Street Art

The street artist Invader came from France to L.A. recently and took a minute to explain his new Binary Code street art. This new media utilizes hi-tech Binary Code technology combined with his trademark lo-tech ceramic tile work as seen in urban centers all around the world.


City + Country Portraits

Tree of Death

Nice project from our friends from slashthree.com. Directed, designed, composed and animated by myaka, with music by NEO.


City + Country Portraits

ROADSPOTTER in Calgary: Axis Art Gallery

Our first stop over in Alberta/Canada was in Calgary. In the Art Central we found the AXIS art gallery where owner Rob showed us some really cool contemporary pieces of canadian and international art.


City + Country Portraits

FatBlooded - Following Aakash Nihalani

Aakashs street art mostly consists of isometric rectangles and squares. He selectively places these graphics around New York to highlight the unexpected contours and elegant geometry of the city itself. All execution of a piece is done on site with little to no planning.


Event Reports

Ford kinetic design

In this years` imm cologne it was a pleasure for us to present Ford kinetic design on the DESIGNSPOTTER stand in hall 3.1

We interviewed some interesting design workers from different fields like

- Erika Tsubaki, design strategy & futuring
- Serife Uenal, color & material design
- Hans-Jürgen Teubner, sound design


People Portraits

Murmur Study by Christopher Baker

Showing at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota now through August 23th, 2009, Murmur Study is an installation that examines the rise of micro-messaging technologies such as Twitter and Facebooks status update.


People Portraits

White Box by Makoto Yabuki

Abstracts 3D forms combined perfectly with a real scenario - japanese Makoto Yabuki did a great job with this awesome animation.

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