An international forum that seeks to explore and debate the emerging landscape of openness and exchange that is taking shape around practices such as open code, creative commons licensing, co-creation, de-localisation and collaboration. Digital technology and social networks have reached a point of maturity from which a new industrial culture is emerging, revolutionising the processes of creation, mediation, distribution and consumption. Taking design in all its expressions and forms as a starting point, the conference will be an important international forum of ideas, working platforms and specialised practices that are transforming the articulation of design with society, economy and culture. Designers, architects, artists, editors, web activists, programmers, curators, lawyers and cultural analysts will explore over two days the reality and the potential of open design culture, from new business models to the most experimental creative practices.

SPEAKER: James Bridle · Ele Carpenter · Alfons Cornella · Javier de la Cueva · Tomas Díez · Alastair Fuad-Luke · Marcos García · Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico · Ronen Kadushin · Ignasi Labastida · Aitor Méndez · Santiago Orós · Renny Ramakers · Laurence Rassel · Zoe Romano · Mario Sol Muntañola · Pieter Jan Stappers · José Luis de Vicente · Gregory Vincent · Victor Viña

Jul 02, 2012 - Jul 03, 2012


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